Sunday, 11 March 2018

Another belated #workbenchWednesday post 07/03/18

Well, I kinda have an excuse this week, as my car got hit outside work and I've been running around getting it sorted.  No major damage, so it's fine, just took up a bit of time.

How was the workbench looking then?

Wednesday 07/13/018 Workbench

So, I'm going back a bit now to the beginning of March.  Thursday, I started all the base coats on my SAGA Levy unit, clipped out the remaining Oathmark Dwarfs and organized them into units for SAGA, and finally, played my first game of Warhammer 40,000 in about 15 years.  I was just using the Deathguard from the new starter box.  Victory went to the Deathguard vs. Sarah's Thousand Sons.  Figured it was time to give them an outing and gave me an excuse to get my new scatter terrain on the table, along with a long Out of Production Forgeworld Chaos Temple.

Needs more terrain, but getting there.

Friday saw me finish the base coats on the Levy, and give them a Strong Tone wash, plus we replayed the game from the day before, Deathguard winning again, although, lessons were learned for the future.  Back to work at this point.

Don't take any chances boys.

Saturday I didn't have much time due to snow, so just cleaned up a few models as I didn't fancy sitting painting in a cold room.  Put together the two blisters of Oathmark Dwarfs from Northstar, the new Dracula's America Werewolves and a Faceless Horror.

Sunday I braved the cold (turned the radiator up) and did some work on the horses for my 2pts of mounted Hearthguard and mounted Warlord.  This was my 9 week #hobbystreak day!

Yes, those are green horses...

I had a game of Gaslands lined up for Monday, but it was rescheduled due to the weather and should go ahead next week, so I finished off the horses and got them varnished, varnished the bases of the Levy to save having to do it later, and painted and varnished one of the casualty models as a makeshift objective.

Tuesday was spent adding base effects to the horses and objective, as well as a lot of blood effects on the objective before starting the base coats on the riders.

It's just a flesh wound...

Happy with the variety of markings and colours.
Wednesday, I started the base coats on the mounted hearthguard and organized a few older models to sell off.  Some did immediately, so that's £20 towards to £500 total.

Thursday was finishing the base coats and wash on the riders, adding all my Citadel paints into the mobile app (realised they had released more) and sorted out more old lead.  Ended up grabbing another pack of sleeves to fully sleeve the Ironskull's Boyz set, and 2 of the paints I was missing from Games Workshop when I was in Stirling picking up parts for the car.

Friday was mainly event co-ordination for APRIL FUEL DAZE, looks like we hit 24 players so it makes grouping a lot easier.  I also assembled a Biologus Putrifier that Sarah picked up for me.  She said it was a gift, but I think it is more to give me more to do to hit my #hobbyresolution2018 project targets.

Saturday I glued the hearthguard to their horses and managed to get a few highlight layers on them.

Sunday, I did the final highlights on the metals and skin and got the Heathguard varnished.  Another 2pts of SAGA completed, plus a mounted Warlord option, putting me to 3/4pts minimum for the year.

Not sure what my plans are for the rest of the day, need to get some stuff done as I'll hopefully be back on track to get this updated again i a couple of days.


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