Wednesday, 16 January 2019

#workbenchWednesday 16/01/19

Back again with a lot to go over this week.

Current #hobbystreak 16.

First up, the workbench shots, that's why you are here right?  Well, sleeping pattern is shot as usual so it has changed considerably over the course of the day.  Got in from work and it looked like this -

 Couple of hours sleep and a quick basing and base coating session, and it now looks like -

Zombies 91-120...

Which means the side looked/looks like this -

So, after starting the Wraiths yesterday, I basically got everything done bar the basing, curse varnish drying times, but, still, they've taken me to just over 100 minis painted this year, so... on track to hit 200 for the month.  Pretty sure that covers Impact! for the #talesofinstahammer theme.  The paint job is super quick and lazy, and ties them in with the rest of my Undead/Draugr stuff.  Quite like the sculpts, although the heads are a bit on the small side, but if memory serves, they were one of the first Mantic resin/plastic hybrid kits, and nobody knew how much the sculpts would shrink in the manufacturing process.

You'll notice that there is a load of paint sitting there too, basically I rearranged the workstation a bit to get all the Army Painter ones within easy reach, rather than languishing in a case, so I had to jiggle the Foundry and P3 ones around.  I used the bottom step to hold all the GW texture and drybrush paints, as I won't be transferring them to dropper bottles.  Managed to clear out a few of the duplicates from the AP ones, seeing as they rename some colours for different sets.

In other news, the orders arrived from Northstar and The Outpost and I managed to find the Goblin army, so now have the Trolls to complete my OG&M list, they are a lot smaller than I imagine them, so they might get changed out for alternatives in future, although, not the new Games Workshop ones, not for any reason other than they don't fit the aesthetic, although I do love the new sculpts.

Still waiting on my worms turning up for my Hordes of the Things elements, but it's fine because I'm pushing the 28mm stuff this month.  I'm hoping to get to them next month, along with more pre-release stuff for 4A Miniatures, if Andy posts it, and a Blighthaven Warband commission for Sam of 15mm Skirmish Supplies.

Speaking of which, got my first game of Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes with Sam and Sarah, my hastily cobbled together Copplestone Northlanders vs. his Dwarves and Sarah's borrowed Undead.

We played a very basic game to get an understanding of the rules, which was basically a big fight in the middle of the table with some loot counters spaced out equidistant from each force.  My Barbarian Warmage was a poor commander choice, or maybe she was just protesting at being included in a force with some gaming standard paintjobs, but, she did almost nothing the entire game.  Ultimately the Dwarves were wiped out in full, well, one routed from the table to tell his friends about the massacre, and the Undead managed to grab some loot and drag it off the board.

Copplestone 15mm Fantasy

Obviously the upshot of this is that now I want to paint a load more 15mm fantasy.  But I have to be strong.  For the remainder of this month at least.  Then I can get on with the HotT and Dragon Rampant stuff.

Should get a fair bit of work done on the Zombies tomorrow, and hopefully have them finished by the end of the weekend.  At least the 40 after them are mainly just the half body sculpts.

Until next time.



Wednesday, 9 January 2019

#workbenchWednesday 09/07/19

Back again with another update.  Been a busy week by all accounts.  Current #hobbystreakday9.

On the workbench, just started another batch of 30 zombies, with another 30, a Necromancer, some Wraiths, more Grave Markers and my Copplestone 15mm Picts off to the side ready to go with bases drybrushed and rims repainted.  It's been a while, years in fact, since I did some real intensive batch painting, so, part of me is considering trying to beat my personal best of about 200 28mm scale minis in a month, especially as I can churn out zombies pretty quickly.  This batch is just started, you can see a few have the skin blocked in as I was using up the last of the paint on the pallet.

I've also put together ANOTHER 40 Zombies using the rising from the ground parts on the sprues, but then I ran out before getting a full 60.   I'm planning on doing a large block of skeletons, but ran out of lipped bases so they are on order.

Moar Zombie, Zombie, Zombie...
So much rimming...
I'm looking forwards to getting to the Picts, despite still not having put last years on the table yet.  Maybe because I know how quickly I'll be able to get through them.  Small victories ya know. 

In other news, a couple of rulebooks turned up today, I picked up the Macedonian and Punic Wars supplement, as I have the base rules already, and I'm toying with the (new project) a multibased 15mm Celt/Gaul army that I could also use for Hail Caesar or whatever, and I figured I'd grab the Legions of Battle one because it probably has a similar basing scheme, so I should be able to run the same force for both.  Here's hoping.  My Northstar order is also out for delivery, so hopefully I'll have the last figures for my OG&M force soon.

On the subject of projects, my first painting one took a hit today, as a surprise Grymkin CID (Community Integrated Development) just landed, adding a few new options to the army, that hopefully should be released this year.

Some light reading.

 And to finish off, here's a quick shot of the minis I've rattled through already.  60 Zombies including a Leader, Musician and Standard Bearer, a Necromancer, and 4 Grave Markers/Objectives.  Hopefully I'll have another full unit of Zombies added soon enough.  Now, you'll have to excuse me whilst I go froth over the Grymkin CID update.



Not bad for a week right?

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

#workbenchWednesday 02/01/19

Woah, 3 consecutive days of posting.  You people are being spoilt!

So, how does the workbench look after being cleared off for the new year?

Pretty jammed up with zombies right now.  The January goal for #talesofInstahammer is to paint a unit and a character model, so I figured I'd try and get through as many shamblybois as possible.  Plus they can be used as Levy for my SAGA Draugr and Undead Norse in Of Gods & Mortals.  Triple duty for the win.   I'm sure they'll have many more uses too.  The theme for the month is Impact! so I'm planning on going in swinging and getting all 120 Zombies done, providing I can get the rest primed, along with the Grave Markers I'd made up.

Zooooohhmbie, Zoooooooooohmbie, Zoooooohmbieeeeeeeee, Necromancer [/Dolores]

There are another 50 waiting in the wings (30 have the bases drybrushed, 20 including both command groups don't) and a Grave Marker, plus 40 more and the last 2 Grave Markers on sticks to be primed when the shops open for me to grab more spray.  There are a couple of miscelaneous Frostgrave figures too, but they were odds on the tray so I figured I'd just prime them, get the bases sorted, and put them on the shelf with the rest.

More of the same.  Except Necromancers.

 The astute amongst you may have noticed that means there are only 3 Grave Markers to be done.  Correct.  I'd used one as my test model for the tale, so quickly busted out the other two, and a zombie to get an idea of how it looks.  It is pretty much all basecoats and drybrushing and washes, but it works.  I'm working on the idea that it has to be quick, because there are 120 of them, and remain suitably dark to match the Draugr stuff.

Not Grave Mistakes

The test Zombie was done with the same colours, and whilst not amazing should look good en mass.  At least, I hope it will. 

I think that painting them in the batches of 30 should work, I'd originally set out to do 30 and a Grave Marker per week in January, with the 3 odd days to get my Necromancer done, but, as he shares a very similar colour scheme, and I'm not going as far with him as I did on the last version, he is pretty much done too.  Iguess that means I can focus on whatever the secret challenge is, and get more stuff prepped for the rest of the year.

Maybe I'll get started on more terrain.  Wait, more?  That must mean I already have some.

Seeing as I had space on a stick I'd primed this at the same time as the first batch of Zombies, and figured I'd do it as I was painting rocks and stuff anyway on the Graves.  One day I'll get to the point of having a full table worth of 3d terrain.

Finally, I figured I would try and get my #hobbystreak back up, started it fresh yesterday to see if I can beat last year's total, so, enjoy #hobbystreakday2.

Back soon, hopefully with a lot of finished Zombies to show off.



Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2019 Hobby Resolutions

Happy New Year folks, lang my yer lum reek and all that.

Continuing on from yesterday's write up of 2018, I'm going to lay out my #hobbyresolution2019 plans for the year, and do the write up why, and maybe continue the reward system.  I've changed it slightly from last year to be 8 painting and 4 each of gaming and hobby, for no other reason than it sits better on the 4x4 grid.    Here goes nothing...

PAINTING (8 resolutions)

1. Fully Paint Grymkin (HORDES)
 So, last year I managed to paint over 200 points of Grymkin, along with 4 of the 6 Warlocks, and played them in a few events, most notable Welsh Masters and the World Team Championship.  Being a limited release Faction, and my stylized colour scheme, means it is both cheaper and quicker to get them all fully painted.  I used the last of my Pressgang Points to pick up a second unit of Murder Crows and 2 Madcaps, along with some other stuff, so I have at least one of every available option for them.  The plan is to paint up the maximum Field Allowance for everything (jury's out on a second Death Knell though) with at least 3 of every available Warbeast, with a couple of exceptions.  I doubt I'll need 3 Clockatrice when they release in February, so, I'll do 2, and a 4th Cage Rager to run the Pat Dunford (or Mat Hickling, depends on who you believe) Dreamer list, and probably 4 sets of Crabbits, to max out the King of Nothing's warbeast points, or have spares for free cards.  I still have a fair bit of stuff to pick up, and more resin bases to order, but if I can even finish the models I own, I'll be happy with that.  So, starting Painting Resolution 1 with a target of 79 miniatures.

Reward - this is kind of a reward in itself, I still have stuff to buy for it, and bases, but I'll end up with a fully painted (Limited Release) Faction.

2. 2000 point Death army for #talesofinstahammer (Age of Sigmar)
This was a late addition to the list, but, I was already planning on doing a lot of the models for various Fantasy Dark Age gaming.  The 72 Zombies I had planned to use as Levy for my SAGA Draugr soon became 120...   I'm not going for a killer list, more, just random stuff that will be useable in multiple settings cobbled together to hit a points limit.  I had a lot of stuff already for this, so it's not a huge drain on funds, and might be subject to change depending on what the secret challenges for the Tale are.  There is a brief outline of tasks for the first 6 months of the year, followed by a 6 month open period where the plan is to finish the army, as far as I can make out, but, we'll see how it goes.  Current list adds 152 models to the tally, with some extra stuff like grave markers to be added.

Reward - Probably has to be a Forgeworld Mournghul.  Loved that model for ages.

3. 24pt Tree Folk army in 15mm  (Dragon Rampant)
I really need to get back into my 15mm fantasy stuff, so I figured I'd do a Tree Folk/Forest Spirit/Nature based force for DR, mainly so I can throw dice with James and Sam, and it gives me the opportunity to go mad with clump foliage.  It's all going to be Demonworld models for this, which I already own, so all I really need is a couple of movement trays.  I did have to fudge the rules a little to get everything to fit, but I doubt either of them would care too much as it is thematic rather than gamey.  Another 31 models added to the tally (even if they are, mostly, small.)

Reward - No Idea.

4. 6pt Jomsviking force (SAGA)
I've owned a large amount of Wargames Foundry Vikings for going on 20 years now, and maybe 3 have been partially painted...  I figured it was time to rectify that, and it would give me a good start on models for Blood Eagle too.  I picked the Jomsviking for the sole reason that they can be built as an elite force, so I could get away with the lowest model count army possible.  I picked the most heavily armed and armoured sculpts I had, and sorted out enough shields with embossed emblems for them (I'll use the split shields for warrior units, and plain ones for any Levy models I get to.  Yes, I know I can't take Levy, but I can if I run them as standard Vikings)  6 Hearthguard units and Warlord adds another 25 models to the list.

Reward - No Idea.

5.  Taurian Army pack (Warband)
I picked these up a couple of years ago (Minotaur army, obviously) and figured I'd get them done too, as the Hordes of the Things painting went well last year.  This will add another 73 models to the list spread over 8 multibases, so, I'm not really sure how I count them.  It's a bit more than the 3-5 on a HotT base.  Sadly, I know the correct answer to this.

Okay, 8 Elements it is...

Reward - I'll possibly pick up another of the army packs (Undead) or maybe some random additions for the list.
6.  15mm Worm Cult Picts (Hordes of the Things)
Despite not having seen the field of battle, I really like the miniatures I painted up last year for this, so I plan to add another 8 elements to the army, aiming to do a few new ones, and bulk out some of the options I already have painted.  I've ordered more Worms for them from Heresy Miniatures, and they are resin now, which should be lighter on the bases and easier to pin.  Again, 8 elements added to the total.

Reward - No Idea.

7.  Paint 4 Shadespire Warbands
So, I was planning on doing the two warbands from the original box, plus the Farstriders and picking up the Sepulchral Guard, but, seeing as I got the Nightvault box at Christmas, I'll do the Briar Queen set instead.  I'm still planning on painting Garrek's Reavers, although it might have been a better idea to do all 3 Stormcast Eternal warbands at the same time.  Another 18 models to add.

Reward - I already think I'll be getting all the warbands one way or another, so, to avoid miniatures, I'll probably pick up the terrain set and/or some snazzy tokens for Shadespire.

8. 1200pt Norse Army (Of Gods & Mortals)
I've played OG&M a few times in 15mm with James, but I'm doing this in 28mm to get more of those Foundry Vikings done, and I wanted an excuse to pick up the gorgeous Odin sculpt from Nothstar.  I also wanted to paint up some Berserkers (that the Jomsvikings don't have access to, to allow me to run them as standard Vikings) and give me more stuff for Blood Eagle.  Got almost everything I have planned for the list, with the exception of a single Valkyrie (should have a female Foundry model somewhere) and some Trolls (also, these are somewhere, but I can't find them right now...)  Another 40 models on the list.

Reward - No idea.  Maybe a large scale figure suitable for another God.

Total painting target - 361 miniatures/elements/multibases (443 actual miniatures).  I'd like to hit 365 miniatures painted over the year, so. getting all this done covers it (in individual models at least.) I'd also like to equal or beat my 2018 total, but really, I'm going to aim for 400 painted miniatures/elements for the year.

GAMING ( 4 resolutions)

9. Play 100 games.
Same as last year, keep hammering out games.  Doesn't matter what scale or genre, just keep putting painted figures on the table and pushing them around and having fun.  That's pretty much the whole reason for doing this, right?

Reward - No idea.

10. Play 8 New Opponents

Again, stole this one from last year.  Probably because I managed it.  It was something that I claimed early in the year, but even then, I tripled the original figure.  It probably gets harder if I'm only playing one system, travel dependant, but as I add more painted forces to the stable, it should always be a possibility.

Reward - No idea.

11.  Play 8 board games.

Again, stolen from last year, but upped the number.  HATE should be arriving, and I'm keen to play that, hell knows if I'll ever see Rivals or Torn Armor, but I still have enough of a collection that I can do this.

Reward - board game expansion...  modest kickstarter... I dunno.

Well, it's not personal gaming so to speak, but to continue the event I started as a Press Ganger, and give other people the opportunity to play, I'm planning the 3rd APRIL FUEL DAZE event.  As always, I want it to get bigger and better, and really have an impact on the Scottish Warmachine Scene.

Reward - well... I already won a free ticket to Welsh Masters so...

A bit of a mix between things there, different types of games (no cards, they don't count) just to mix things up a bit. 

HOBBY (4 resolutions)

13. Consistent Blogging
The plan is to continue with the same ideal as before, a weekly #workbenchWednesday post, and a monthly review post, showing where I am with my resolutions.

Reward - No idea.

14. Shows and Conventions
Aiming for at least 4 different shows or conventions.  Vapnartak and Carronade are pencilled in, I'm sure I can squeeze in a couple more.

Reward - random impulse purchases?

15. Continue transferring paints to dropper bottles.
Herculean effort, glutton for punishment, call it what you will, I'm going to keep on keeping on with this one.  A quick count shows 27 Games Workshop, 74 Privateer Press and 366 Wargames Foundry paints (467 total) to be transferred.  And that isn't counting the newest P3 colours...  I managed most of the GW ones last year, so, hopefully I can at least finish them.

Reward - more paint.   In dropper bottles.

16. Even more blogging
I'd like to do at least one extra blog post per calendar month, on top of the weekly and monthly updates.  It could be on anything, a painting tutorial, recap of a show or event, battle report, discussion about an army list, I dunno.  I guess the plan is to just keep on putting stuff out there and hopefully build traffic on the blog.

Reward - no idea.

Again, a bit of a mix of stuff, one thing I really wanted to do, and had pencilled in for a bit, was get more 3d terrain done.  There is a really good article over on Void Spaces about making a Barrow, which would be ideal for SAGA/Blood Eagle/All the Dark Aage Fantasy stuff I am, and have been painting up.  It would be a bit of a throwback for me too, to get my hands mucky making terrain, as it's mostly been 2d stuff here, or hard plastic kits.  I have some Hirsts moulds somewhere that would be suitable, and, there are probably a few things I would change, but it would be interesting to see the same idea done differently.

Well, that's it for now, I should probably get some sleep before getting started on this years hobbying.  If anyone has any ideas for resolution rewards, I'm all ears.



Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 in Review.

Well, here we are, another year (almost) done, so I'd better take a look back and see how things went, huh?

2018 has been a year of ups and downs really (so, pretty much like any other year) and it's seen me going from all-in to almost nothing.  There have been long periods of silence, which I've tried to make up for by still working away in the background.

Easiest way is to look at those #hobbyresolution2018 vows and see what I managed.

1 - Transfer my flip-top paint collection to dropper bottles. (83/550)

Resolution - A continuation from last year, I managed to do all the GW Base paints and Washes, and figured out a set-up that allowed me to do about 9 paints at a time.  The washes were easy, the base paints took slightly longer due to consistency.  I'm hoping the layer paints are a bit quicker.  It's a lot of paint to get through, but it does include the remainder of the newest GW line, almost the entire Foundry line (missing one of the discontinued WWII sets) and the original P3 line.  I guess taking the time to do a few sets of 9 every time I have a spare day will help to chip away at it.   Even if I can't get through it all I'd like to at least clear the GW ones, and ideally the P3 too. 

Well, I didn't get to tick this one off...  I made a fair amount of headway into the GW paints, but still have a few sets of 9 to do to finish the line.  I smell an ongoing resolution.

Reward - some new paints.  I figure that if I do either of the GW or P3 lines I'll grab another set of Scale75 paints to fill out the collection.  If I do both, I'll get two.   If by some Herculean effort I clear the Foundry ones, well, I reckon that's worth two sets in itself.

Well, beyond picking up the newly released (at the time) Army Painter paints, and replacements for used ones, I didn't buy any new paints, so I guess that's ok.

HobbyResolution2018 - 0/16

2 - Organise and run a two day Warmahordes event, (1/1)

Resolution - Run April Fuel Daze again.  For my first big solo two day event, things went surprisingly smoothly, and it was definitely well received.  The fact that it was the largest two day event in Scotland for WarmaHordes last year was also a nice bonus.  I'd like to make it part of the WMH event calendar if at all possible, and would be aiming to up the places from 24 to 48.

Managed this one, in April funnily enough :p  the event went really well, a huge thanks to everyone that came along to play, the event sponsors, and Falkirk District Wargames Club for the use of hall and tables, and chipping in to the prize support.

Reward - Attend a two day event as a player.  It's good to let someone else call the shots once in a while, and I enjoy travelling to events and meeting up with folk I don't get to see that often.

Well, between Welsh Masters and the World Team Championship, I got the reward for this one.

 HobbyResolution2018 - 1/16

3 - Make £500 selling old models. (20/500)

Resolution - Like most gamers, I have an insurmountable amount of tat lying about collecting dust, and like most gamers, I've always told myself that I'll get around to it some day.  The thing is, as I'm mostly about the aesthetics, most of the minis I've bought are because they look cool and I really do want to paint them.  Listing stuff for sale and dealing with the inevitable bargain hunting can you dig out one model from a collection of thousands for a pound just isn't worth the time or effort  (people, gah)  One of my main barriers to productivity ( after video games) is just the sheer amount of stuff sitting about to get around to.  Clearing some of that will hopefully clear my mind a little.

FAIL.  I can't even remember what it was I sold now...  I guess the problem with buying models you want to paint is you don't want to get rid of them, just in case you do paint them some day...
Reward - I guess the reward is doing this, I get £500 cash and free up some space.   Less clutter equals less distraction.

 HobbyResolution2018 - 1/16 

4 - Maintain the Blog with weekly and monthly updates. (30/52 and 9/12)

Resolution - Do a #workbenchwednesday post each week and a monthly update.   I always have the best intentions when it comes to blogging, but always seem to peter out after a few posts.  This year I want to try and break that by providing regular updates.  It's kinda hard to stay accountable to a general readership of 0, so, hopefully by posting more regularly, this blog will pick up some followers and I'll actually need to work at entertaining them.

Well, didn't complete this one,  but, it's been a better result than previous years.  Started well, as per usual, the only thing is, a Wednesday update can be iffy as I'm always just coming off a nightshift.  Still, workbenchThursday sounds naff, so, we'll stick with the Wednesday update.  Even if it is Wednesday in a different time zone.  I managed an (averaged) bi-weekly update at least, and hit 3/4 of the monthly ones.  Giving myself half a point for that. 
Reward - No idea.  She says get a new laptop.

No new laptop for me...

HobbyResolution2018 - 1.5/16

5 - Go to 2 Gaming Shows or Conventions. (2/2)

Resolution - Get out the house and go to a couple of shows, ideally including one of the Scottish ones this year.  I missed them due to being out of the country for various WarmaHordes events last year, so would be good to get back to them and see the familiar faces.  Outside of Scotland, I try to get to York with the club as it's a good day out, and there is a bit more variety in traders.

 Well, I made it to Vapnartak in York and Carronade in Falkirk, so, can tick this one off the list.
Reward - Again, no idea.

HobbyResolution2018 - 2.5/16

6 - Play 6 New Opponents. (6/6)

Resolution - Play a game against (or including) someone I've never played before.   A repeat of last year, but it worked well, and, well, I guess it helps me feel a bit less anti-social than I can be due to nightshift.

Well, I aced this one.  I played way more new opponents than 6.  Actually, I played 6 people I've never played before at both Welsh Masters and the WTC, so, win.  Add to that a few guys from the club, and one of the Norse that came over for April Fuel Daze.  Looks like I might not be completely anti-social.
Reward - No idea.

HobbyResolution2018 - 3.5/16 

7 - Play 100 Games (100/100)

Resolution - Play a total of 100 games across miniature and board games.  It's a big part of the reason why we paint these things so I'm told, so I guess it makes sense.

Managed this between WARMACHINE (well... HORDES), a fair amount of Shadespire, and a good weekend at Adam's.

Reward - No idea.  Not sure these rewards are gonna be any sort of incentive...

HobbyResolution2018 - 4.5/16

8 - Play 6 different Board Games. (6/6)

Resolution - Again, a repeat of last year.  Still, have to put those kickstarted dollars to good use.  With any luck Rivals will eventually turn up this year (not holding my breath for Torn Armor) and Rising Sun is due to be delivered.  I've still got to get around to trying out all the Undead for Runewars V2.  I can see Blood Rage and Chaos in the Old World being pulled out again.

Well, neither Rivals or Torn Armor showed...  but I did play (over) 6 board games, though, Rising Sun wasn't one of them...   Blood Rage, Battle Lore V2, Zombicide, Shadespire, Fury of Dracula, Pokemon Monopoly, King of Tokyo, Silk Road,
Reward - Pick up an expansion for one of my boardgames.

Does backing HATE count?

HobbyResolution2018 - 5.5/16

9 - Play 3 New Games or New Editions of Rules (3/3)

Resolution -  The past couple of years it has pretty much been 99.9% WarmaHordes when it comes to playing miniature games.  I haven't played 40k since maybe...  2004?  And I have umpteen sets of rules that have been updated without ever being played.  Plus there are new games coming out all the time, so this challenge should be relatively easy.  Seeing as I put the Deathguard together and got them painted, I figure the new 40k should be one of the games I play, and Saga has a 2nd edition coming out too, so that will probably make the list.  Malifaux, once I get the starter done would make up the 3rd.

Well, I got the Death Guard on the table, dabbled in historicals with Sharpe Practice, and indulged my inner Mad Max with Gaslands, along with playing SAGA V2, and probably other stuff.  Win.
Reward - Buy a new rulebook (and try to have models painted and playable before it is obsolete)

Yeah, I think I used all the unclaimed rewards on this one.  The Library Abides.

HobbyResolution2018 - 6.5/16

10 - Paint 4pts of Normans for SAGA. (4/4pts, 21/28 models)

Resolution - Paint at least another 2pts of Normans to give me a 6pt force, and aim for 4 to give me some options.  I currently have 8 Mounted Hearthguard (2pts) and 8 Warriors with Crossbows (1pt) part done from last year, and put together 12 Levy (1pt) the other day, along with a mounted Warlord and a...  well, I don't know, objective marker of some sort using one of the casualty figures from the sprue.  Can't find the dead horse in my bits though...  I'd probably throw in another unit of Warriors to this lot, as that would, over 3 units, give me the 24 models to run 2 units in Lion or Dragon Rampant, and having had a brief look, should be, with these new additions, enough to play a game.

Well, I painted up 2 units of Mounted Hearthguard, a Priest, a unit of bow armed Levy, plus a casualty marker and a mounted Warlord.  That's a pass.  Still need to add those crossbows though...

Reward - Pick up the SAGA 2nd Edition rules.

Done.  And the source books.

HobbyResolution2018 - 7.5/16

11 - Maintain Butcher's Guild being fully painted. (0/3 Models)

Resolution - Get the last 3 (current) models built and painted.  It's 3 models.  One of them is a single piece.  And it means my Guild is fully painted and I can maybe look at starting one of the other ones in the backlog.

I got the bases done...  Think after 2 years it's time to rehouse them off the workstation.
Reward - Pick up the Guildball Terrain pack from SFG.  It'll make a change from flat mdf that I use for Warmahordes.

Good job I didn't pick up any new Guildball stuff, right?

 HobbyResolution2018 - 7.5/16

12 - Paint remaining Deathguard for Warhammer 40,000 (0/49 Models)

Resolution - This one is more for her benefit as she's keen to play, to the point that when she picked up the latest edition, she swapped out the Primaris Marines for more Deathguard and immediately gave them to me so that I'd have an army.  I managed to get one box worth finished last year, and have the 2nd to work through, alongside a few extras like Deathshroud Terminators, some of the Easy to build kits and the Limited Set, plus a donated monopose Hellbrute and the Nurgle Daemon Prince from when it first made the transition to Finecast.

Nope, they are still in the box, gathering spider webs.

Reward - Probably pick up a Plagueburst Crawler as a nice centrepiece model (I would have said Mortarion, but I'll save him for when I have a much larger force)

Well, I've been handed all the Deathguard stuff from the Conquest magazine, so, that's actually added to the pile of shame.  But I didn't buy it, so...

 HobbyResolution2018 - 7.5/16

13 - Paint Waiqar half of Runewars Miniatures Game Starter (0/26 Models)

Resolution - Picked this up last year to split with her because I loved the models (part due to Battlelore V2) and got started on it, but that hit a wall.  Steve at CGG is trying to get it up and running again, so I figure might as well get it tableworthy.

 Did a little bit on them, but not enough to actually finish anything.  Haven't seen the game being played, so, not sure if it is worth bothering with.  Duffy was talking about getting into it, so, maybe?
Reward - I'll probably pick up the Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Expansion, or, if I can find one cheap, a 2nd Core box.

Good job I didn't pick up any new Runewars stuff eh?

 HobbyResolution2018 - 7.5/16

14 - Paint a 15mm Hordes of the Things Army (13/14 Elements)

Resolution - It's one of those games that has been on my radar, probably because of the amount of older grumpier gamers that wax lyrical about it, although the cover kills it for me because it looks so 70's...  but it gets rolled out at the club every now and then, so, I figure it might be something to get me playing people outside my usual group, and knock some of the huge 15mm backlog down.

Well, I managed this one fairly easily, despite still not having played.  A bit of confusion on my part meant I'd miscalculated the units/points, so I didn't do the 14 elements I had planned, but I did 13 worth 28AP, so still enough to have choice for a game.
Reward - No idea.

HobbyResolution2018 - 8.5/16

15 - Paint a 75pt Warmahordes List (73/73 Models)

Resolution - I already have plenty of Circle and Minions table ready (I mean, I still have huge backlogs of both, but...) Recently I made up a 2 list competitive (for me) pairing for all 13 Factions, and spent the last of my PG points picking up the models I needed to complete the Legion and Grymkin pairs, along with one of the Trollblood ones.  I am close to having everything for the Retribution, Minions and Circle lists.  I also came into possession of the new Trencher army box for Cygnar...  I guess it would be nice to paint up a real Warmachine faction after playing Hordes exclusively (demo games aside) for a few years, but I think Cryx or Khador is more my style.  So, contenders are Cygnar, Grymkin, or the Blindwater side of Minions.

Well, I aced this early in the year, picking Grymkin, and then painting up 3 lists for Welsh Masters to go with the solitary Skin & Moans heavy warbeast I'd painted as a tester.  Turns out I painted 226 points of Grymkin, plus 4 Warlocks.  

Reward - This is a weird one, because the reward is gonna be part of the project.  Depending on what I choose, I'm either going to need to pick up a few more models to finish a planned list, or a bunch or resin bases, so, once I've chosen, I'll work on what I have and then pick up the models/bases as required to finish the list.

I spent the last PG points I had on filling out a few of the things I was missing with the idea of continuing towards fully painted max FA with this.  Not sure about a second Deathknell, but, time will tell...

HobbyResolution2018 - 9.5/16

16 - Paint the Hog Wild Malifaux box (6/6 Models)

Resolution - It always comes back to pigs doesn't it?  I picked these up mainly for the boars for the Marcus box I had, however, I reckon they'll be more fun to do.  Not to mention quicker.

Managed this one easily enough.  Another win.

Reward - No idea.  A new Malifaux model? 

Don't think I picked any Malifaux models up this year.  Probably bought a new rulebook though.

HobbyResolution2018 - 10.5/16 

Well, the results are in, a mighty 10.5/16 Resolutions completed.  It's not amazing, but, it is a small step up from last year's 9.5/16.   That being said, I managed a few things that weren't listed, so I'm happy all in all.  Some highlights include -
- hitting a #hobbystreak of about 140 before real life kicked in.

- Painting a grand total of 378 miniatures this year (actually over 400 if I count the individual figures for the Hordes of the Things bases, but... it's already a big number, so I'm not that desperate)  The fact I didn't lift a paintbrush for at least one entire month says a lot.

So some of the commissions and industry stuff has been posted out but...

- Painting up a completely unplanned Draugr army for Fantasy SAGA/Blood Eagle/Fantasy Dark Ages gaming.  Somewhere in the region of 70 models from a variety of manufacturers.  It's a fairly dark and basic colour scheme, but it works as intended.

 - the article I wrote about Scatter Terrain getting well over 1000 views.  Was kinda taken aback by that.

- Clearing all the outstanding commissions (and getting and finishing more) from my workstation.  Feels kinda weird, but I do have some stuff pencilled in for next year.

- Taking part in the Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship and representing Scotland (maybe not the best representation, but I beat Tom Guan, so...)

- meeting a bunch of cool new people.

Luke Borrie, Aussie Troll

I only vaguely remember seeing CFB at WTC...

All in all, I'm happy with my results over the year, and a full of optimism for the upcoming one, just got to get a nightshift out the way, and I'll be back tomorrow with the new and improved #hobbyResolution2019 version.

All the best,