Wednesday, 16 May 2018

#workbenchWednesday 15/05/18

Guess what?

Did you guess that this was going to be another pathetic imageless weekly update?

If you did, well, congratulations, you are 100% wrong.   Well, 50% wrong maybe as it at least has pictures.

So, what's on the workbench then?

Giants and Ogres and Dugs, oh my!

Just a random selection of Reaper Bones models I picked up from Mighty Lancer Games to get started on my Daisho and Blood Eagle warbands.  Got them fitted out with lipped bases, the Foo Dog stand will be trimmed to fit a 40mm base, planning on painting him as a statue anyway.  The two Giants at the back are for Blood Eagle, I reckon I'll end up doing both Fire and Ice Jotun, although I'm not sure if the Queen will remain on her stand.  The Ogres are earmarked for Oni in Daisho, although I need to grab the other 2 sculpts that were out of stock when I got around to completing my order.

So yeah, this means that Project:  Top Secret is actually finished!  Last model was completed yesterday, and varnished earlier.  It's quite the relief to have finished 4 days ahead of schedule, and I can't wait to get them on show over the weekend.  Boom, #hobbyresolution2018 crossed off.

So, what have I been up to?

Saturday was Carronade 2018, my clubs annual show, and we went along with two of the minions, mainly to show face and drop off some stuff for the painting competition.  Shout outs to David at Northumbrian Tin Soldier for giving the kiddo's Teddy Bear pin badges, and Andrew at Four A Miniatures for furnishing them with some gribblies.  Both stand up guys, and you should totally go buy stuff from them.  Day finished with clearing up the hall, and then I did a bit work on my last two P: TS models before bed.  I think lying down was a bad idea after lugging two tables at a time...  still, one more #hobbyresolution2018 crossed off.

Sunday, I finished painting one of the P:TS models, and a good chunk of the other, hitting 19 weeks straight #hobbystreak.

Monday - Varnished the model I finished Sunday, did some work on the final one, as well as sorting out a custom scenic base and starting game 31/100.

Tuesday - Added more texture to the scenic base, finished off game 31, final bits on the varnished mini, hairdryered the scenic base to dry it out so I could get it painted, and started gluing sub assemblies together.

Wednesday - Varnished the last model, and got it all glued together.  Project: Top Secret finished with time to spare.  Kids were over so they wrote up some Dragon Rampant army lists using the Reaper Bones Undead that they had from my various kickstarters.  Plan is that they'll build and paint an army as a joint project, then either fill them out to full forces each, or move onto another one once they have the hang of painting.  Got a little paint party organized for when they are here over the summer holidays.  The eldest is going for a pretty standard force of Skeleton Infantry, with some Barrow Wights, as she has claimed most of the 'dry' undead, led by a heavily armoured Wight King.  Daughter the middle is going for the 'wet' undead with hordes of ghouls and zombies, headed up with a liche that she has already announced will be painted up as Loki on account of his horned helmet, and the baby has control of all the ethereal stuff, as it should be easy for her to paint and still get good results, with a Banshee to head up her force.

Army banners are compulsory additions to army lists apparently.

Ghosts, Ghouls and Skeletons based and primed for them.


And I wrote up my blog post.  On time.  Go me.  Currently on #hobbystreakday136.

So yeah, that's it for the week, heading to Cardiff tomorrow for Welsh Masters, so hopefully can get lots of games, pints and pictures.

See you soon with the Project: Top Secret write-up.



Friday, 11 May 2018

Belated #workbenchWednesday 09/05/18

Running behind this week due to family stuff...

Still no workbench shot, but that should be done with soon, as I have about a week to finish off Project: Top Secret, so this will be another short and sweet update.

Thursday - Fixed the primer I had missed and started working on some (11) models.

Friday - Trip to Static to pick up the last few bits I needed, got them all cleaned up and pinned. (Another 10)

Saturday - Greenstuff work on all the gaps, more pinning, primed the lot.

Sunday - First 4 stages on a bunch of models (18 weeks straight #hobbystreak)

Monday - Played game 30/100 vs Rasheth Double Animantarax.  Total BS.  Finished painting, varnishing and basing 9 models for P:TS.

Tuesday - Finished painting and marking arcs on another 11 models.  Worked on the next one,

Wednesday - Varnished 11 models that were finished Tuesday.  Work on more stuff. 

Thursday - Based the 11 models, worked on more stuff.  Cleaned up final model of P:TS

Friday - Assembled and greenstuffed final P:TS model, pins added.  Wrote up belated blog post.  Currently #hobbystreakday131.  Go me.

So yeah, that's pretty much it.   Off out later to help set up the hall for Carronade tommorow, and hopefully, get that last model primed if it is dry.   Down to only two models to finish for Project: Top Secret, and I have until next Thursday morning to get them done.  Fingers crossed.   Then can get back to getting loads of (crap) pictures up for you lot to squint at.



Wednesday, 2 May 2018

#workbenchWednesday 02/04/18

Back again, and on time...

I'll give you guys a quick workbench shot this week, as I finished off the minis I was working on earlier.

I mean, I could probably just take pictures with stuff on the workbench and you still wouldn't be able to make it out thanks to my naff photography...

Work has continued on Project: Top Secret, finished basing 5 minis today, have another batch primed and ready to get started on, and only a couple left to clean up and assemble.

Oh, and a few to buy...

So, what have I been up to over the last week?

Thursday - Played game 29/100 - into the Skorne double Siege Animantarix list.   Not fun.  Couple of misplays and some good positioning saw me build up a healthy time advantage, and won via Death Clock.  Also did some P:TS painting.

Friday - Finished painting 4 models for P:TS.

Saturday - Finished painting 10 minis for P:TS, cleaned up and pinned and primed another 5.

Sunday - Sorted all the primer on the previous batch, and assembled and pinned another bunch of models.  17 weeks straight #hobbystreak.

Monday - wrote my review blog post for April, got the latest batch of assembled minis pinned to bases and started the previously primed batch.

Tuesday - finished painting 5 minis and got the sub assemblies glued together and on bases.

Wednesday - primed the last batch of assembled minis, finished varnishing and basing the 5 from yesterday.  Wrote blog post.

So yeah, that's about it for the week.  I'll probably try and touch up the primer on my last batch of minis before I get to sleep, might get some assembly done too, thanks to messed up sleeping pattern and waking up at 9pm today...



Monday, 30 April 2018

Month in Review - April 2018

So now it's a third of the way through the year already, it's going in quick.

How are things looking on the old #hobbyresolution2018 then?

1 - Transfer my flip-top paint collection to dropper bottles. (8/519)

Haven't done any this month.   Been kinda busy using the paints for their intended purpose rather than colourful ornaments. 

2 - Organise and run a two day Warmahordes event, (1/1)

APRIL FUEL DAZE 2! was a resounding success.  Or, at least I haven't heard anything to the contrary.  Had a good turnout again this year, with people also travelling from much further afield, so, hopes to grow it next year might not be unfounded.

3 - Make £500 selling old models. (20/500)

Not sold anything this month.  Did dig out my Warmaster Chaos army and considered putting that up for sale, but still on the fence/waiting to hear back about it from someone before I do so.  Also been kinda busy hobbying to tackle the Lord of the Rings trove.

4 - Maintain the Blog with weekly and monthly updates. (16/52 and 4/12)

Still on track with this, more than a couple of late updates, but, I'm OK with that, given my erratic sleep pattern.

5 - Go to 2 Gaming Shows or Conventions. (1/2)

Carronade in a couple of weeks will be the next and let me tick this off.

6 - Play 6 New Opponents. (6/6)

Done ahead of schedule, thanks to numerous pick up games at the club, and managing to get a game in with one of the Norwegians that came over for AFD2!

7 - Play 100 Games (29/100)

Picking up a bit, only a couple of games behind average, but that should hopefully jump up in the next couple of weeks, especially with Welsh Masters coming up.

8 - Play 6 different Board Games. (3/6)

None played this month.

9 - Play 3 New Games or New Editions of Rules (3/3)

I should probably get the rules for this right?

Already complete.

10 - Paint 4pts of Normans for SAGA. (4/4pts, 21/28 models)

Already Complete.

11 - Maintain Butcher's Guild being fully painted. (0/3 Models)


12 - Paint remaining Deathguard for Warhammer 40,000 (0/50 Models)

13 - Paint Waiqar half of Runewars Miniatures Game Starter (0/26 Models)

Guess what?  Nope.

14 - Paint a 15mm Hordes of the Things Army (14/14 Elements)


15 - Paint a 75pt Warmahordes List (0/? Models)

16 - Paint the Hog Wild Malifaux box (6/6 Models)


So time for some numbers then?

Painted 47 models this month, and assembled at least 60.  The stuff that was sidelined on the workbench remains there.  Should be getting back to that soon.

Played 8 games of 100, so, hitting that average of 2 a week.  Going to have 7 at Welsh next month, so that should get things running at about the right number.

Have now finished 6 of my Hobby Resolutions, a good jump for one month, and should hopefully be at 8/16 by the end of May.

Current #hobbystreakday - 120 (17 weeks straight)

So yeah, that about wraps it up.  I'll try and get some pictures from my games at Welsh (time/alcohol permitting) and I'll be able to show off Project: Top Secret.  Woo!



Amount Task Completed

519 Transfer Paint to dropper bottles 8 2%
1 Run April Fuel Daze 2018 1 100% Complete
500 Make £500 selling old models 20 4%
61 Maintain Blog 21 34%
2 Go to 2 shows or conventions 1 50%
6 Play 6 New Opponents 6 100% Complete (John P, Peter, Richard, Martin, Steven, Merete)
100 Play 100 Games 27 27%
6 Play 6 different Boardgames 3 50% Blood Rage, Battle Lore V2, Zombicide,
3 Play 3 New Games (or new editions) 3 100% Complete (Sharp Practice, 40k, Gaslands)
29 Paint 4+ points of Saga Normans 21 72% Complete (Bishop, Mtd Hearthguard x2, Levy)
3 Paint Guildball Butchers 0 0%
50 Paint remaining Deathguard 0 0%
26 Paint Waiqar starter for Runewars 0 0%
14 Paint 15mm army for HotT 14 100% Complete (Copplestone 15mm Picts)
67 Paint 75pt Warmahordes list 47 70%
6 Paint Malifaux Crew 6 100% Complete (Hog Wild box)

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

#workbenchWednesday 25/04/18

Boom!   Weekly update is on time this week.  Look up for signs of flying pigs/blue moons/ signs of impending world annihilation...

It's probably going to be a brief update, as once again, I have nothing to show, as I've been slaving away on Project:  Top Secret.  As always, it's kinda meh that I don't have pictures to post, but I really hope the reveal will be worth it.  And if it isn't, well, there are only 7 or so readers to disappoint, right?    Nah, I'm kidding, the blog is doing pretty good for views, even when I don't spam links everywhere (I mean, you guys can help with that...)

Deadline for P:TS is just before Welsh Masters, so, around about the 17th of May, before I head down to Firestorm once again.

So, what have I been up to since my belated update?   Quite a lot actually.

Monday saw me finish off 3 models for P: TS, pin and assemble another 14, and start clean up on another 5.

Tuesday was getting all the pinned and assembled stuff primed and touching up all the bits I'd missed on first pass.

Today, I've sent out the thank you emails to the companies that provided prize support for APRIL FUEL DAZE 2! (, Games & Gears and Green Stuff World) and made some progress on the primed stuff.  I am also currently writing a blog post ( :P ) and am going to sort out a brief for an article for the Sculpting, Painting and Gaming blog about breaking into historical gaming from a fantasy background.  I might get a little more painting done, but I have all day tomorrow and most of Friday to make more progress.  Currently up to #hobbystreakday115 which is pretty amazing, and although I've stopped putting up daily images on Instagram, because, well, there really isn't anything to show, I'm still keeping on top of it and writing my actual progress in my #hobbystreak diary.

Next update should be Monday for the #monthinreview post for April, and after that it's only a few weeks until both Carronade and Welsh Masters, so there will probably be a lot to report.



Sunday, 22 April 2018

Slacking a bit because life... #workbenchWednesday 18/04/18

Yeah, was bound to happen eventually, but at least I've gotten to it now.  No workbench shot ironically, because it's all Project: Top Secret stuff on there...

So, what have I been up to otherwise then?  Well, going back as far as the 12th...

Thursday - Finished 16 models for P:TS, primed another 4, and swung by Common Ground to pick up the zones, terrain and clocks for AFD, as well as some food and drinks.

Friday - Wrote last week's belated post...  Logged all the day 1 pairings into PG Swiss for AFD, ran all over 3 counties doing collection of people from train stations and airports.  Set up the hall.

Many hands make light work.

Saturday - APRIL FUEL DAZE 2! Day one.  Shaky start as a couple of drops and a no-show forced group re-reolls, and relogging it all in PG Swiss.  Sure a good day was had by all, no worrying Judge calls, some nailbiting games, and loads of spot prizes handed out.  Followed by a takeaway, drinks, then the pub for... karaoke of all things...

Loadsa stuff to give away!

They said I couldn't force people to play fully painted.   They were wrong.

The lesser spotted gaarew letting his hair down.

Sunday - APRIL FUEL DAZE 2! Day 2. - Day started well, as there was no hangover to deal with, so I didn't have to threaten to DQ anyone for making a Judge call.  Unlike last year, most groups went to 3 rounds, so was a long day, which saw Konrad crowned the new AFD Champion.  Got the hall cleared up, and grabbed some food, happy with how things went, and that was another #hobbyresolution2018 knocked off.  15 weeks straight!

A new Champion!

Craig legs it with his "Strongest Player" award...

Adam Williams, a worthy recipient of the Toilet award.  Started drinking round 1.

Monday - Basically spent sorting all the event stuff in the house, did some Watchmachine.

Tuesday - Priming stuff for P:TS, varnished some models and did some base work.

Wednesday - Played game 28/100.  Headed through to Common Ground to get a game in with the Norweigans that had come over for AFD.  Killed a Dracodile,  Threw a Wraster into Caliban.  Battered him until he died.  Was gonna do my blog post but had a meeting at work.

Seems excessive for 1 game...

Thursday - Loads of work on P:TS. 

Friday - Finished off another model for P:TS, did a load of basework and getting bits finished off and varnished.

Saturday - Pretty much the same as Friday.  I did however have something to show, as my #frostgroove prize from the Osprey blog arrived.

Frostgrave:  Ghost Archi...  collection of Islands.

Sunday (today) - as above.  Without the prize obviously.

So, again, feels naff that I haven't got much to show off, but, I am ploughing through my Secret Project, hoping to have it ready soon.  I guess I should maybe work on some other stuff too, just so I have something to post, right?  Thoughts?  (From all 7 of you...)  Back in a few days.



Friday, 13 April 2018

Yet another belated #workbenchWednesday post 11/04/18

Yeah, yeah, yeah...    I'm not making a habit of this honest, just event conspiring against me.  (see what I did there?)

Playing catch up today as I've been dashing about all week between work, kids, and getting the last bits sorted for APRIL FUEL DAZE 2.  But let's kick off with the workbench shot.

All about that base.

So, what else have I been up to?

Thursday - wrote up my belated blog post from last week, played game 21/100 and pinned all the Celestial Fulcrum.  Picked up all the silverware for AFD2.   Looking swish.


Best Painted Army Award

Group 2-4 Champions get an award this year

Best in Faction Awards

A little tongue in cheek award.

Friday - Played games 22-23/100, finished off assembly on the Fulcrum, pinned and assembled a Woldwarden and pinned and assembled a unit of Farrow Valkyries.

Saturday - Pinned a lot of Project: Top Secret stuff and boxed up all the prizes for AFD2.

Sunday - Played games 24-25/100, primed the brown parts of the Fulcrum, realized my grey primer was goosed, pinned more Project: Top Secret stuff  (14 weeks straight #hobbystreak!)  Also, based on how I'm working things out over the year, caught up to my average games for last month...

Monday - Played game 26/100, inked the brown parts for the Fulcrum, and work on Project: Top Secret.

Tuesday - #hobbystreakday100  Kinda a milestone for me here.  Bunch of Project: Top Secret stuff done.  Played game 27/100.  When you only kill 3 models in a game, it helps when one is the enemy Warlock.

Killing my own piggies.   Feels bad man...

Wednesday - Made a custom base, assembled some stuff and primed stuff for Project: Top Secret.

And lots of event type stuff mingled in between.   Super busy today, but you'll find out all about that next week.  (Liver permitting...)