Wednesday, 15 January 2020

#workbenchWednesday 15/01/20

So, I've been a busy boy, and the workbench is currently pretty full.  I've managed to assemble all of the 2000pt Stormcast (Stonecast) Eternal list, as well as some extras, and the vast majority is primed and inked now too.

So much strong tone...

I have finished painting a unit of 10 Sequitors, as well as my Lord-Ordinator and 2 Knight-Incantors, but I still have all the basing and effects to do.  It is going to take a while to glue it all on, so I'm saving it for a free day.

Should probably leave the bird poop weathering until after the foliage.

So, whilst gearing up for that, I turned to my secret project for January's Tales of Instahammer challenge, and I figured that with the guideline 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' that the Grymwatch Underworlds warband fit the bill perfectly.   My head cannon is that the Grymwatch have been trapped in the Realm of Life, or being the most alive of the Undead, kinda fit, and after unsuccessfully attacking the Stonecast, realized that there are no good eats in their stony shells.   So, the Grymwatch prowl around, watched carefully by the Aetherwings, who use them as an early warning system of sorts.  The constantly hungry Grymwatch must continually hunt for prey, and have become attuned to tracking down any interlopers.  There exists a strange coexistence between these disparate forces, the Grymwatch ignore the Stonecast for the most part, to date, they have destroyed one unwitting Sacristan Engineer from ambush, but fled empty handed (and empty bellied) when they realised that no sustenance was to be found encased in the stony guardians.  Similarly, the Stonecast tolerate the existence of the Grymwatch, as they pose no real threat to them.

TL;DR - Stonecast use Grymwatch as a form of guard dog and waste disposal system.  Grymwatch hunt down stuff, hide when Stonecast appear, then get fed after they go dormant.

So, a quick one day job, got the Grymwatch painted, so, technically my first fully painted and based minis for the year.  And it ticks off an Underworld warband from the list.

The Grymwatch (Warhammer Underworlds, Games Workshop)

Finally, I managed to pick up the final TMNT vehicle to complete the set for my Gaslands crew.


That's it for the week then, I guess tomorrow is glue all the foliage on for hours Thursday.



Wednesday, 8 January 2020

#workbenchWednesday 08/01/20

First #workbenchWednesday of the year, didn't see the point last week of doing a post seeing as I was doing my #hobbyresolutions2020 post.

So, what's been happening?

I've built, distressed, based and primed the first couple of units and characters for my #talesofinstahammer army for the year.  The 4 Liberators at the back have been finished for a few days now, but just need the foliage added to turn my tester model into a playable unit.

I've also been putting in some time after shifts and had the majority of the rest of the army assembled, distressed and based, just waiting on some texturing and priming.  The only model I was missing was Astreia, but she turned up today along with the Army Book, so, I managed to get her built too.  I've also assembled the 3 Beastgrave Warbands, as I might need one for the TOIH Secret Challenge for January.

In other news, the majority of stuff I'd ordered last year to beat not buying as much in 2020 turned up today, with only one outstanding order, but that's for a February pre-release.  First up, the final Footsore Vikings that complete the range, and a selection of 6mm Vikings (and a pack of Normans) from Baccus 6mm to put together a "small" force for Dux Bellorum.

And finally I've picked up some toy cars to get my Gaslands crew sorted.  Being a child of the 80's it just had to be

They weren't allowed to be known as Ninjas when I was young...

Turns out there are actually 5 in the series, the last being a party bus, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that.  Have to figure out now whether I want to repaint/distress them, and if I'm going to put them on bases.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll have a unit or two to show off next time.



Wednesday, 1 January 2020

2020 Hobby Resolutions

You wait ages for an update then 2 come along in quick succession...

Time to set out my #hobbyresolutions2020 plans then, and maybe talk a little bit about general hobby plans for the future too.  Same plan as normal, some painting, some gaming and some hobby challenges, not that I think I'll finish them all, but it is something to try and focus me.

Painting Resolutions

1.  Continue to work towards Grymkin being fully painted (HORDES)

Let's start the ball rolling with a returning challenge.  I've worked away at these over the last 2 years, and having picked up a huge KR Multicase bag at Carronade last year, and a couple of new card cases to start filling it over Christmas, I'm starting to see the light at te end of the tunnel.

I currently have 41 models to do for this to fully paint my backlog, I already have all the Warlocks painted, along with 2+ of every Warbeast, most of the solos and units and a Battle Engine.  The 41 remaining models will fill out all the Solos and Units to maximum Field Allowance.  From there the only things I am missing will be a 2nd Deathknell (questionable) and the Oblivion releases, although they aren't strictly speaking Grymkin models.  At a very minimum, I'd like to finish at least one Grave Ghoul, Piggyback Officer and unit of Murder Crows (8 miniatures total) to give me at least 1 of every single army option fully painted.

2.  Complete the Tales of Instahammer challenge (Age of Sigmar)

I felt really bad dropping from this last year, especially when I had made such a strong start, so, I'm determined to do better this year.  I'm going for a more modest army this time around, Stormcast Eternals, or, Stonecast Eternals in this case seeing as I am painting them as overgrown animated statues rather than suits of armour.  Any excuse to glue clump foliage to stuff, right?  The scheme is surprisingly simple, and only takes a little bit of work to "dirty" up the sculpts before priming.  My planned force is 54 models strong, and I have put together 50 so far.  The final 4 are all ordered, then it is just a case of going over them all, clipping and trimming sharp edges, and gluing sand in all their nooks and crannies.  There is a 6 month outline for the TOIH challenge, so I'll follow that as much as I am able, but do have a few models that aren't in the list in my backlog I might be able to add to match the criteria.  My test model went down a storm, so I'm really excited for this one.

3.  Paint 6+ points for Age of Vikings (SAGA)

So, after painting up the Jomsvikings last year (and even getting them on the table a few times), I really ignited my lifelong interest for Viking style miniatures.  So I bought a lot, because the 200ish Foundry ones in the backlog weren't enough obviously.  The plan for this is to do a full SAGA force using only Footsore Miniatures models, as I have now finished buying up the entire range.  My plan is to paint 7 points because the Berserkers are only usable in a "standard" viking build, I'm planning another unit of Hearthguard to replace them to run as some of the other lists.  Plan is to do the Warlord and Banner pack for my Warlord, Berserkers and 2 units of Hearthguard (12 models so a handy Lion/Dragon Rampant unit), 3 units of Warriors using the 6 Bondi packs (another 24 models or 2 L/DR units) and a point of Levy with Bows usng the 3 archer packs (handily, also 12 models).  That gives me a planned 50 models that not only covers multiple Age of Vikings forces, but should give me options for more Dark Age style gaming.

4.  Paint 6 points for Age of Crusades (SAGA)

Seeing as I have a couple of armies I can use for Age of Vikings (Normans/Jomsvikings) I figured I'd paint up a force for each of the Era books.  Looking at Age of Crusades, my immediate though was Ordenstaat because I've wanted an excuse to pick up some of the Crusader Miniatures Teutonics for a while now.  So, I treated myself to a small force for Christmas that should allow me to do at least 6 points, along with a couple of extra packs to build the force up, and also allow me to run a heavily armoured Lion Rampant historical force.  Planned list is 33 models, very Hearthguard heavy because those are the figures that really drew me in, and like my Jomsvikings, going elite heavy means less painting before I have a playable (not good, just playable) force.

5.  Paint 8 points for Age of Magic (SAGA)

Yet another SAGA force, and the first on the list to come from a variety of manufacturers.  I'm mainly going with Wargames Foundry for this, to continue chipping away at my Viking leadpile, and as I had already assembled and primed some units for Of Gods & Mortals last year.  Jury is still out on what I'm using as Creatures in the list, the choice being either Foundry's Great Big Bellicose Bears or Ral Partha Europe's Trolls, seeing as both fit the Norse theme to my mind.  I've also got the fantastic MOMminiatures Giant raring to give some height to the list.  This is also the first thing on my project list that isn't all purchased/planned out, as I'm hoping to add some cavalry to it, but that will involve buying a few more packs of Vikings.  46 models total at this point in time.

6.  Paint another 8 points for Age of Magic (SAGA)

So, although I was always known for playing Chaos in it's various guises across the Warhammer systems in my Games Workshop days, Goblins were the first army I ever collected when I originally got into the game with the 4th edition starter (shout out to Julien, wherever he may be, for swapping me his for my High Elves) and I still have a couple of sets of the Battle for Skull Pass models sitting untouched.  This challenge is more a test of Contrast paints, they've worked great on 15mm figures, so I want to see if I can knock out a full 28mm scale army with them too.  I mean, I'm also looking for an excuse to pick up some of the newer releases, so there's that...  but it is mainly going to be a footslogging army made up of Warrior units.  Another 62 models.

7.  Paint a lot of Warbands (Warhammer Underworlds )

So it seems to be tradition now that I get the latest Underworlds box set from Sarah each Christmas, so that immediately adds another couple of warbands to the total.  Couple that with the fact the Season One models (Shadespire) were discontinued last year (frantic purchases indeed) and it is a quick game to play, I want to flesh out how many Warbands I have access to.  Currently I have the Orruks and Sepulchral Guard painted, with another 6 primed and 6 awaiting assembly.  Having figured I'll be painting Stonecast Eternals for the Tales of Instahammer challenge, I at least want to paint up the 3 SCE Warbands in a similar style, and I'm sure I can manage a few more.  I'm missing 6 or 8 of the warbands depending on how you count them, but I do actually have the models for 2 of them from the easy to build kits, although I put the Banshees on 40mm lipped bases...  In total, another 96 models to paint the entire range, although, I'd need to buy the last few sets.

8.  Paint 2000 point Ogre army (Warmaster)

Another project based on the Black Gate Miniatures minis I've had my eye on for a while.  I reckon I've mentioned it enough now, that Sarah downsized my 15mm advent calendar to 10mm last year and I ended up with a selection of units to start this off.  It didn't quite match up to my planned list, but she graciously offered to pick up the remainder, although I told her it can wait until my birthday seeing as I have plenty to be getting on with.  Very Ogre heavy list, like how I played them in Warhammer, no Gnoblars required, with a couple of units of Rhinox Riders to eat up points.  40 bases in total to add to the tally.

Gaming Resolutions

9.  Play 52 Games

Pretty simple, averages out to 1 a week.  It is less than previous years, but I don't really have any tournaments planned, and I'm taking into account Sarah's new work schedule, and the college course I'm on (Woodworking) where 2 games a week wasn't really attainable between our work/family/commission commitments. 

10.  Play 10 new opponents.

Bumped this up from last year because I managed it.  I am hoping to get back to more gaming, and as the variety of things I'm getting fully painted grows, it opens up my options.  There are still plenty of folk at the club I have yet to game with, so I'm hoping between that and some pick up games I can hit this one.  I need to make more of an effort to be more sociable in any case.

11.  Play 10 Boardgames.

Pushed this one up too, despite not hitting it last year.  I've built up a few games now, mainly via Kickstarter, and while I don't imagine Rivals or Torn Armour will ever materialize, I don't hae any outstanding.  I'm OK with playing unpainted boardgames, although I still prefer miniatures over tokens, and want to get them painted,although I'm on the fence about doing them in my own style, or just washing/Contrast painting them.  Underworlds is a given here, and I want to get Blood Rage back out, as well as try Zombicide with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle packs I picked up last year, and I still have to get Rising Sun bloodied.

12.  Run 4 gaming sessions.

This averages out to one per quarter, but might rquire planning and all come in quick succession.  I've mentioned a few times now how John Ewing, a fellow Falkirk District Wargames Club member, very kindly puts on games, and supplies not only all the painted figures and terrain, but handouts, faction specific missions, and generally umpires the game for others.  It is very much something I'd like to do, and I'd be especially happy if I could involve him as a player by way of thanks, along with a few other guys from the club.  I'm thinking I want to run Blood Eagle from the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, as there is a good selection of warbands and scenarios to run a small saga campaign.  Definitely something that needs planned out though.

Hobby Resolutions.

13.  Do a Month in Review post every month.

Simple really.  Just to keep everyone (all 16 of you) up to date with what I'm up to.

14.  Write at least one other blog post a month.

Either a #workbenchWednesday post or article would be fine.  I'd like to do more articles, but it is finding the time.  Maybe some reviews, or, if I can get the gaming sessions sorted, some sort of write-up/AAR about how that went.

15.  Transfer paints to dropper bottles.

Ah, this old chestnut.  Included for tradition more than anything else.  I'm going to push to at least finish off the GW range this year.

16.  Go to 4 Shows or Conventions.

Same as this year.  Get out the house.  Spend some money.  See some people/cool things. 

 As far as the blog/my hobby is concerned, along with the above #hobbyresolutions, I am going to be giving some thought to the following.

1.  Cut back on buying loads of new miniatures.

I'm giving myself leeway here, as long as I finish the year having painted or sold more miniatures than I've added to the backlog.  I'm not counting anything that is already paid for/ordered, only purchases made in 2020.  What I need to do before buying anything is ask myself if it falls under the category of Dark Age Fantasy, like, models I can use for Blood Eagle/SAGA/Lord of the Rings style gaming.  Yes, it is a broad category, but it is my general area of interest these days.  I'll also allow myself to pick up some stuff to finish off the projects for this year, Underworlds warbands, 10mm Ogres etc, and probably do some shopping at the tail end of the year for next years projects.

2.  Sort out my website.

So... transitioning the site over to the new google sites, I lost it.  I don't have access to the email that had my domain registration details so I just get a 404 now.  Bugger...  I might have to start from scratch with a .com address.

3.  Continue with Project: Shieldwall

Paint Vikings.  Easy enough right, especially as I have some planned.

4.  Catalogue the Lead Pile.

Yeah, crazy business I know.  Part of me says this is a really bad idea, because knowing the actual number will induce analysis paralysis, or just be so overwhelmingly large that it kills any enthusiasm I have, but part of me thinks if I know exactly what I have, and in what numbers, not only do I get to colour in boxes on XL, but I can make more informed decisions about what I can get rid of.  I know I have too many figures, I just never seem to have enough for what I want to be working on.  I'm pretty sure I can break this down into smaller chunks depending on where the miniatures are at the moment.  The vast majority of stuff in cabinets is already painted, I have a bookshelf near my desk with primed models to hand for working on next, and a small set of drawers for models I need to assemble for whatever projects I have for the year.  I have another bookcase full of drawers for various things, then 5 cabinets above the display cases.  Then just add everything else in the games room/hall/living room and attic...

5.  Start working on Osprey blue book forces.

So I've kept on top of buying these up as they are released and I want to try and paint up at least one force for every title.  Using a combination of models already painted and stuff I have planned for this year, I'm going to start tracking my progress.

So, that is, going by the spreadsheet, a grand total of 997 various miniatures/tasks to be completed, so, to add to that, I'd like to have painted forces for at least 3 different Osprey blue books and that gives me a grand total of 1000 things to tick off the list.

After that big wall of text, all that remains to be said is I wish you all a happy and healthy 2020 and may you end the year with as much hobby enthusiasm as you started it.

All the best,


Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 in Review

Another one bites the dust eh?   So, how did the year go?

PAINTING (8 resolutions)

1. Fully Paint Grymkin (HORDES)
 So, last year I managed to paint over 200 points of Grymkin, along with 4 of the 6 Warlocks, and played them in a few events, most notable Welsh Masters and the World Team Championship.  Being a limited release Faction, and my stylized colour scheme, means it is both cheaper and quicker to get them all fully painted.  I used the last of my Pressgang Points to pick up a second unit of Murder Crows and 2 Madcaps, along with some other stuff, so I have at least one of every available option for them.  The plan is to paint up the maximum Field Allowance for everything (jury's out on a second Death Knell though) with at least 3 of every available Warbeast, with a couple of exceptions.  I doubt I'll need 3 Clockatrice when they release in February, so, I'll do 2, and a 4th Cage Rager to run the Pat Dunford (or Mat Hickling, depends on who you believe) Dreamer list, and probably 4 sets of Crabbits, to max out the King of Nothing's warbeast points, or have spares for free cards.  I still have a fair bit of stuff to pick up, and more resin bases to order, but if I can even finish the models I own, I'll be happy with that.  So, starting Painting Resolution 1 with a target of 79 miniatures.

Well, I didn't get them all finished, but I did manage 113/175 points, so, not terrible.  I have another batch primed and ready to go though.  Lack of gaming played a big part in this, as I initially stalled after hurting my wrist in May, and kinda stopped playing shortly after that.  Half a point?  0.5/16

2. 2000 point Death army for #talesofinstahammer (Age of Sigmar)
This was a late addition to the list, but, I was already planning on doing a lot of the models for various Fantasy Dark Age gaming.  The 72 Zombies I had planned to use as Levy for my SAGA Draugr soon became 120...   I'm not going for a killer list, more, just random stuff that will be useable in multiple settings cobbled together to hit a points limit.  I had a lot of stuff already for this, so it's not a huge drain on funds, and might be subject to change depending on what the secret challenges for the Tale are.  There is a brief outline of tasks for the first 6 months of the year, followed by a 6 month open period where the plan is to finish the army, as far as I can make out, but, we'll see how it goes.  Current list adds 152 models to the tally, with some extra stuff like grave markers to be added.

Made a really strong start with this, then dropped towards the end once most of the hard work was done.  Still painted over 1500points of a 2000 point list so it wouldn't take too much work to finish this off at some point in future.  Another half point.  1/16

3. 24pt Tree Folk army in 15mm  (Dragon Rampant)
I really need to get back into my 15mm fantasy stuff, so I figured I'd do a Tree Folk/Forest Spirit/Nature based force for DR, mainly so I can throw dice with James and Sam, and it gives me the opportunity to go mad with clump foliage.  It's all going to be Demonworld models for this, which I already own, so all I really need is a couple of movement trays.  I did have to fudge the rules a little to get everything to fit, but I doubt either of them would care too much as it is thematic rather than gamey.  Another 31 models added to the tally (even if they are, mostly, small.)

Managed to get this one done.  Never played a game with them though, which seems to be a recrring theme with a lot of my projects...  2/16

4. 6pt Jomsviking force (SAGA)
I've owned a large amount of Wargames Foundry Vikings for going on 20 years now, and maybe 3 have been partially painted...  I figured it was time to rectify that, and it would give me a good start on models for Blood Eagle too.  I picked the Jomsviking for the sole reason that they can be built as an elite force, so I could get away with the lowest model count army possible.  I picked the most heavily armed and armoured sculpts I had, and sorted out enough shields with embossed emblems for them (I'll use the split shields for warrior units, and plain ones for any Levy models I get to.  Yes, I know I can't take Levy, but I can if I run them as standard Vikings)  6 Hearthguard units and Warlord adds another 25 models to the list.

Another finished project.  Probably my favourite of the year, after having owned them for so long.  3/16

5.  Taurian Army pack (Warband)
I picked these up a couple of years ago (Minotaur army, obviously) and figured I'd get them done too, as the Hordes of the Things painting went well last year.  This will add another 73 models to the list spread over 8 multibases, so, I'm not really sure how I count them.  It's a bit more than the 3-5 on a HotT base.  Sadly, I know the correct answer to this.

Okay, 8 Elements it is...

This was done at the eleventh hour, when I was spurred back to activity by James over at The Mad Tin Hatter for his charity project in memory of his son Joshua.  It was a humbling and sober moment watching his youTube video about Project Joshua, and I am glad to have been able to contribute in some way.  Hopefully the army draws attention to his cause and helps out in some way. 4/16 and a karma refill.

6.  15mm Worm Cult Picts (Hordes of the Things)
Despite not having seen the field of battle, I really like the miniatures I painted up last year for this, so I plan to add another 8 elements to the army, aiming to do a few new ones, and bulk out some of the options I already have painted.  I've ordered more Worms for them from Heresy Miniatures, and they are resin now, which should be lighter on the bases and easier to pin.  Again, 8 elements added to the total.

Nope.  Have the models primed and part done, but, not finished.  I was going to try and blitz them out this month, but other stuff took priority.  4/16. 

7.  Paint 4 Shadespire Warbands
So, I was planning on doing the two warbands from the original box, plus the Farstriders and picking up the Sepulchral Guard, but, seeing as I got the Nightvault box at Christmas, I'll do the Briar Queen set instead.  I'm still planning on painting Garrek's Reavers, although it might have been a better idea to do all 3 Stormcast Eternal warbands at the same time.  Another 18 models to add.

Well...  I painted one warband, and managed to get a bunch more built and primed.  Going to count this as half a point, because I have some finished figures to show for it.  4.5/16

8. 1200pt Norse Army (Of Gods & Mortals)
I've played OG&M a few times in 15mm with James, but I'm doing this in 28mm to get more of those Foundry Vikings done, and I wanted an excuse to pick up the gorgeous Odin sculpt from Nothstar.  I also wanted to paint up some Berserkers (that the Jomsvikings don't have access to, to allow me to run them as standard Vikings) and give me more stuff for Blood Eagle.  Got almost everything I have planned for the list, with the exception of a single Valkyrie (should have a female Foundry model somewhere) and some Trolls (also, these are somewhere, but I can't find them right now...)  Another 40 models on the list.

Well, this is a weird one.  I didn't really make much progress with the planned list (damned Trolls) but I did get some stuff done, and a fair amount of other minis that I can use for it (including the Jomsvikings) so, another half point.  5/16 

Total painting target - 361 miniatures/elements/multibases (443 actual miniatures).  I'd like to hit 365 miniatures painted over the year, so. getting all this done covers it (in individual models at least.) I'd also like to equal or beat my 2018 total, but really, I'm going to aim for 400 painted miniatures/elements for the year.

Okay, so just over half way with 5/8 points for painting.  My target was 400 miniatures/elements for the year, and a quick glance at the spreadsheet says - 531.  So, that's just a touch above my target and for those voices at the back, yeas, I did only count the 10mm Taurians as 1 per base.  Well happy with myself on this one, way over my expectations and surprising considering the amount of time I was away from my brushes.  Special thanks probably goes to dark wash zombies, and towards the end of the year, experiments with Contrast paint.

GAMING ( 4 resolutions)
9. Play 100 games.
Same as last year, keep hammering out games.  Doesn't matter what scale or genre, just keep putting painted figures on the table and pushing them around and having fun.  That's pretty much the whole reason for doing this, right?
I didn't break 40 games, so big fail.  Probably time to leave the house at some point.  5/16
10. Play 8 New Opponents
Again, stole this one from last year.  Probably because I managed it.  It was something that I claimed early in the year, but even then, I tripled the original figure.  It probably gets harder if I'm only playing one system, travel dependant, but as I add more painted forces to the stable, it should always be a possibility.

Managed this one, meaning I'm not a complete hermit.  6/16

11.  Play 8 board games.

Again, stolen from last year, but upped the number.  HATE should be arriving, and I'm keen to play that, hell knows if I'll ever see Rivals or Torn Armor, but I still have enough of a collection that I can do this.

Got halfway there.  TornArmour and World of Rivals didn't show up this year either, although God Tear did.  6.5/16

Well, it's not personal gaming so to speak, but to continue the event I started as a Press Ganger, and give other people the opportunity to play, I'm planning the 3rd APRIL FUEL DAZE event.  As always, I want it to get bigger and better, and really have an impact on the Scottish Warmachine Scene.

Well APRIL FUEL DAZE 3! went off, so that's another point.  7.5/16
Ok, so, 2.5/4 for Gaming is more than I expected, but still an area I need to work at.  

HOBBY (4 resolutions)

13. Consistent Blogging
The plan is to continue with the same ideal as before, a weekly #workbenchWednesday post, and a monthly review post, showing where I am with my resolutions.
Big fail.  Long periods of being...  me, I guess.   Quick check says this will be the 30th post this year, so, close enough to half way.  8/16
14. Shows and Conventions
Aiming for at least 4 different shows or conventions.  Vapnartak and Carronade are pencilled in, I'm sure I can squeeze in a couple more.
Managed this one, which goes to show  (get it?) that I can leave the house when the possibility of buying new toys i on the cards.  9/16
15. Continue transferring paints to dropper bottles.
Herculean effort, glutton for punishment, call it what you will, I'm going to keep on keeping on with this one.  A quick count shows 27 Games Workshop, 74 Privateer Press and 366 Wargames Foundry paints (467 total) to be transferred.  And that isn't counting the newest P3 colours...  I managed most of the GW ones last year, so, hopefully I can at least finish them.
Nope.  No. Nein.  Non.  Not a single one done.  9/16
16. Even more blogging
I'd like to do at least one extra blog post per calendar month, on top of the weekly and monthly updates.  It could be on anything, a painting tutorial, recap of a show or event, battle report, discussion about an army list, I dunno.  I guess the plan is to just keep on putting stuff out there and hopefully build traffic on the blog.
2 articles done.   Nul points.  9/16
Well, seems that it is the blogging that is holding me back here.   It's weird,  it is so much easier to just whack pictures up on facebook/instagram/reddit and be done with it, without the need to feel like yo have to write an essay, and the engagement is a lot more immediate.  I guess I am just a bit frustrated about how slowly blogging seems to attract people, but then, I don't really engage either so...
So, I managed to get over the halfway points on my #hobbyresolutions2019 which is ok I guess, a few half points here and there making it up.  As usual, I've totally ignored certain plans, and done extra work on others, as well as taking up completely new projects.  I guess I just have to keep plugging away at it, because, between my heart and wrist, manual labour until I retire isn't an enticing prospect.

Various Contrast painted Demonworld minis.

Well, that pretty much sums up 2019, adequate but could apply himself more (It's like an old school report) so, I'll leave you with a little teaser of next year's plans before my #hobbyresolution2020 post tomorrow.  Surprising nobody, some of the projects might carry over, and there will be new stuff too, as my interests shift.
Stonecast Eternal

Lang may yer lum reek.  I'm off to try and finish the rest of that unit and tidy up my assembly station and desk for the New Year.

All the best,