Thursday, 5 July 2018

Guess what? A belated #workbenchWednesday 04/07/18

So there I was all sorted for getting back into the routine of regular updates, and I missed the first one...  Acceptable though as I have the kids over all week for the holidays, and staying out late for ice cream and playing on the swings was of the utmost importance.

The workbench currently looks like this

Shadespire in that house!

with a sidebar of

Dwarfs and Pigs

She's picked me up Shadespire and the Farstriders Warband for my birthday, so I've got them assembled, primed and started.  I've swithered a lot over a colour scheme, since the Stormcasts first appeared in Age of Sigmar actually, and finally bit the bullet this week.  So, nope, not blue and silver for anyone that knows me, although, it was going to be.  What with Duffy and Sarah both planning on building up the new Nighthaunts, I figured I would go with a bone, black and purple colour scheme.  Something that evoked the idea of death.  I imagine that my force will be guardians tasked with patrolling graveyards and such places, making sure the dead move on and don't linger or return to wreak havoc on the living.  Sounds plausible, right?

Full disclosure - still not sure this will be the final scheme, I figured I could do the 2 Shadespire Warbands like this before deciding if I was going to carry it on to the full army.

These guys were cleaned up and assembled on Wednesday, along with Garrek's Reavers (the Chaos Marauder/Bloodbound Warband from the starter)  I also spent some time working on Carver and some of the Razorboars for Mike's army, and built the Blighthaven Dwarf Golem I showed in my last post.

Thursday was spent working on the Farrow stuff and Dwarf Golem, along with 2 games of Shadespire as the minis were assembled (44-45/100), and Thursday was the same, played games 46-47, switching warbands to have Orcs versus Skaven.

Wrote up my May and June Month in Review posts on Saturday, played another 3 games of Shadespire (48-50), and finished off Mike's Carver and the 6 Razorboars he wants in the army colour scheme.

Cry Havoc and let loose the hogs of war!

You might wanna clean that...

The good news is that I'm now done to just 4 minis to paint for Mike's army, in a job that has dragged on way too long, thankfully he's now bugging me to discuss the next project, rather than slagging me rotten.  I have 2 Razorboars and a Razorback crew to do, RBC like the army, the Razorboars based on colour variations of my Project:  Top Secret force.  I should probably get that posted up as it isn't a secret anymore...

Full army so far.

Sunday and Monday, free time was spent making a start on my 4a Miniatures 15mm Dwarfs, I have a set of 11 on the go right now, with another 2 packs of 8 Swordsmen (Swordsdwarfs?) and 3 more Command figures to clean up and base.

 Tuesday and Wednesday were devoted to getting the Stormcast stuff primed and started, and I also managed to get Vandus Hammerhand and the Lord Relictor from the old starter assembled, along with the Knight-Heraldor (Trumpet Hero) I'd had lying around for ages, and the Forgeworld exclusive champion too.   Haven't glued them to bases yet, as I want something a bit more than just sand to match the Shadespire warbands.

So yeah, that's it for the moment.  Kids are itching to play Munchkin later, so that's more games played for the #hobbyresolution2018 tally.



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