Wednesday, 13 March 2019

#workbenchWednesday 13/03/19

Well, it's been a relatively busy week, so I've a much more substantial post this time around.

First up, the traditional workbench shot -

They are just small, so you can paint more of them at the same time...

I currently have a couple of Blighthaven groups started, the Town Guard Warband and Questing Heroes Encounter Pack, both for the Ral Partha Europe online store.

These follow hot on the heels of quite a lot of painting.  I've just finished off Sir Roderick's Retinue for Sam over at 15mm Skirmish Supplies, and the new Empire Knights Company for webstore pictures.  I'm sure Paul will take much better ones with them set up on his gorgeous Blighthaven backdrop.

Enough chatter, here are some "glorious" shots of the finished packs.  Or at least, the best I can do with an Android and blackout blinds as it is an atypically sunny Scottish morning...

BH109 Sir Roderick's Retinue - Blighthaven Warband

BH021 Empire Knights Company - Blighthaven Warband
I went with yellow and black for Sir Roderick's Retinue as Sam didn't want red (I think) and something else.  Now, I've got a very basic grasp of heraldry (for metals, White is Silver and Yellow is Gold, then you have Red, Blue, Green and Black)  and you basically pick one from each set.  See, basic.  Now, normally, I'd just go with Blue/White, but, I'll probably paint up some for myself, and that is my default colour scheme for pretty much everything, so that was out.  I figured yellow was fine, as, it's not really my favourite colour to paint, but it should look pretty striking (which is good on 15's) and would standout well against all the metal.  I then went with the muted black for contrast.  Similarly, with the Empire Knights, I broke away from Blue/White and went with Red instead seeing as they'll be heading off to Liverpool.  Plus it is kinda evocative of Knights Templar and English Heraldry in general.  So, lots of using colours I tend to avoid, but it's been fun pushing myself a bit, plus, doing 15's again feels good.

Speaking of painting things red...   There are a couple of Ral Partha Europe kickstarters coming up, Chaos Dwarfs (and a Troll) followed by Ratmen.   I was lucky enough to get a few masters to paint (see last post) and here are the finished ones.

Again, great to do some more involved painting, rather than blitzing out the basecoat and wash jobs on my Draugr Undead.  Never been a huge fan of Ratmen in general, but I really dig the one with the Mace, and think he'd be a great Black Skaven for Morheim, hence the dark fur.

That pretty much covers all my recent painting (currently up to 292 minis this year) and the only other thing of note was an impromptu trip down to Dumfries for the Albanitch show on Saturday, seeing as I'd never been before, and it let me tick something else off the #hobbyresolution2019 checklist.

The show was surprisingly small, like, I didn't really know what to expect, but was still taken aback by how... quiet it was.  There was probably less traders than I could count on both hands, with Warlord and Warbases having the biggest stands.  There were no public participation games from what I could see, just a few really big historic games that looked more like people just playing casually for the day and a small Carnevale game, which I later discovered wasn't intended for anyone to play.

Hobby purchases were relatively light, mainly bases and basing stuff to keep my stockpile ticking over, as well as a couple of packs of Rabbits from Warbases, as I have that recurring itch to do a weird Narniaesque Tree Spirit Wild Hunt army.  I also picked up a couple of packs of Westfalia Miniatures Halflings from their recentish kickstarter (goat riding hero and Wizard and Apprentice) for a fiver, and a random Wargames Foundry Norse Dwarf prototype for the princely sum of 50p.  Pretty sure I already have him, but he is hiding somewhere, so I felt it was an acceptable price.  I also ended up with half a pack of Four A Miniatures Grubs and a "Boobie pirate" after the wee one made such a fuss about her having her funbags on show...

A modest haul.

And that is pretty much it for the week.  I think I'm heading over to Jimboba's tommorow (unless he has forgotten about our "date") to run riot around the Warchest.   Better go bug him for details...




  1. Like Sir Rodericks Retinue 😀

  2. I'll be dropping it off to Sam on Monday hopefully if you want a closer look.