Friday, 13 April 2018

Yet another belated #workbenchWednesday post 11/04/18

Yeah, yeah, yeah...    I'm not making a habit of this honest, just event conspiring against me.  (see what I did there?)

Playing catch up today as I've been dashing about all week between work, kids, and getting the last bits sorted for APRIL FUEL DAZE 2.  But let's kick off with the workbench shot.

All about that base.

So, what else have I been up to?

Thursday - wrote up my belated blog post from last week, played game 21/100 and pinned all the Celestial Fulcrum.  Picked up all the silverware for AFD2.   Looking swish.


Best Painted Army Award

Group 2-4 Champions get an award this year

Best in Faction Awards

A little tongue in cheek award.

Friday - Played games 22-23/100, finished off assembly on the Fulcrum, pinned and assembled a Woldwarden and pinned and assembled a unit of Farrow Valkyries.

Saturday - Pinned a lot of Project: Top Secret stuff and boxed up all the prizes for AFD2.

Sunday - Played games 24-25/100, primed the brown parts of the Fulcrum, realized my grey primer was goosed, pinned more Project: Top Secret stuff  (14 weeks straight #hobbystreak!)  Also, based on how I'm working things out over the year, caught up to my average games for last month...

Monday - Played game 26/100, inked the brown parts for the Fulcrum, and work on Project: Top Secret.

Tuesday - #hobbystreakday100  Kinda a milestone for me here.  Bunch of Project: Top Secret stuff done.  Played game 27/100.  When you only kill 3 models in a game, it helps when one is the enemy Warlock.

Killing my own piggies.   Feels bad man...

Wednesday - Made a custom base, assembled some stuff and primed stuff for Project: Top Secret.

And lots of event type stuff mingled in between.   Super busy today, but you'll find out all about that next week.  (Liver permitting...)



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