Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A very belated #workbenchWednesday 23/05/18

Well, yeah, a bit overdue, but life just decided to go crazy...  Should have been showing off Project: Top Secret, but it's currently 200+ miles away...   No, I didn't sell this one whilst drunk.

So, what's been happening?

Thursday (17th)  - Drive down to Wales, do a lot of list discussion, match-ups and stuff.

Friday - Play 3 pick-up games (32-34/100) whilst hanging out in Firestorm.

Saturday - Sunday - Play games 35-41/100 at Welsh Masters.  Full write-up to be done once things settle down.

Monday - Car won't start.  Turns out the ignition barrel is "damaged" the prospect of doing 400+ miles over 6 hours isn't appealing so head to the in-laws in Middlesbrough to get it to a garage.  Went over the weekends games with Sarah and discussed list changes.

Tuesday - More discussion about lists and WTC.  Army in car, in garage, so, no access to that.  Turns out ignition barrel is shattered and need replaced, custom order over a bank holiday weekend and £500+ bill assuming starter motor isn't burnt out.  Won't be ready for over a week...

Wednesday - take a wander into Middlesbrough, hang out in Asgard Games and Games Workshop.

So yeah, car craps it, lost best part of a week, and will have to head back down to get it back, as we borrowed the in-laws car to get back for work.  Should be going down tomorrow or Thursday, so, that update might be delayed as well...