Wednesday, 16 May 2018

#workbenchWednesday 16/05/18

Guess what?

Did you guess that this was going to be another pathetic imageless weekly update?

If you did, well, congratulations, you are 100% wrong.   Well, 50% wrong maybe as it at least has pictures.

So, what's on the workbench then?

Giants and Ogres and Dugs, oh my!

Just a random selection of Reaper Bones models I picked up from Mighty Lancer Games to get started on my Daisho and Blood Eagle warbands.  Got them fitted out with lipped bases, the Foo Dog stand will be trimmed to fit a 40mm base, planning on painting him as a statue anyway.  The two Giants at the back are for Blood Eagle, I reckon I'll end up doing both Fire and Ice Jotun, although I'm not sure if the Queen will remain on her stand.  The Ogres are earmarked for Oni in Daisho, although I need to grab the other 2 sculpts that were out of stock when I got around to completing my order.

So yeah, this means that Project:  Top Secret is actually finished!  Last model was completed yesterday, and varnished earlier.  It's quite the relief to have finished 4 days ahead of schedule, and I can't wait to get them on show over the weekend.  Boom, #hobbyresolution2018 crossed off.

So, what have I been up to?

Saturday was Carronade 2018, my clubs annual show, and we went along with two of the minions, mainly to show face and drop off some stuff for the painting competition.  Shout outs to David at Northumbrian Tin Soldier for giving the kiddo's Teddy Bear pin badges, and Andrew at Four A Miniatures for furnishing them with some gribblies.  Both stand up guys, and you should totally go buy stuff from them.  Day finished with clearing up the hall, and then I did a bit work on my last two P: TS models before bed.  I think lying down was a bad idea after lugging two tables at a time...  still, one more #hobbyresolution2018 crossed off.

Sunday, I finished painting one of the P:TS models, and a good chunk of the other, hitting 19 weeks straight #hobbystreak.

Monday - Varnished the model I finished Sunday, did some work on the final one, as well as sorting out a custom scenic base and starting game 31/100.

Tuesday - Added more texture to the scenic base, finished off game 31, final bits on the varnished mini, hairdryered the scenic base to dry it out so I could get it painted, and started gluing sub assemblies together.

Wednesday - Varnished the last model, and got it all glued together.  Project: Top Secret finished with time to spare.  Kids were over so they wrote up some Dragon Rampant army lists using the Reaper Bones Undead that they had from my various kickstarters.  Plan is that they'll build and paint an army as a joint project, then either fill them out to full forces each, or move onto another one once they have the hang of painting.  Got a little paint party organized for when they are here over the summer holidays.  The eldest is going for a pretty standard force of Skeleton Infantry, with some Barrow Wights, as she has claimed most of the 'dry' undead, led by a heavily armoured Wight King.  Daughter the middle is going for the 'wet' undead with hordes of ghouls and zombies, headed up with a liche that she has already announced will be painted up as Loki on account of his horned helmet, and the baby has control of all the ethereal stuff, as it should be easy for her to paint and still get good results, with a Banshee to head up her force.

Army banners are compulsory additions to army lists apparently.

Ghosts, Ghouls and Skeletons based and primed for them.


And I wrote up my blog post.  On time.  Go me.  Currently on #hobbystreakday136.

So yeah, that's it for the week, heading to Cardiff tomorrow for Welsh Masters, so hopefully can get lots of games, pints and pictures.

See you soon with the Project: Top Secret write-up.



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  1. Oooo looking forward to seeing these super secret project and these guys with some paint on.