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#workbenchWednesday 08/08/18

So, don't have a workbench shot because it is top secret stuff on it right now, but I do have some things to show off that I knocked out over the weekend.

I've been leaning towards doing more fantasy styled Dark Ages gaming, so I'm looking at Blood Eagle again, and figured I would paint up some Draugr models as quick and dirty generic bad guys.

It turned out that I still had some of the Games Workshop Army of the Dead plastic models from the Lord of the Rings line still on the sprue lying in a box near my desk, so, they seemed like a good starting point.  I wanted to avoid the usual ethereal paint scheme for them, opting for a variety of grubby browns and black, to better represent mouldering corpses rather than ghosts.

I quickly knocked out one each of a plastic Army of the Dead trooper, metal Black Numenorean, and a Spectre from Otherworld games.  Nothing groundbreaking with the paintjobs, Army Painter Leather Brown colour primer, Strong Tone wash, then paint the skin Ash Grey, hair and beards Skeleton Bone, armour and weapons Machinegun Metal (AKA Platemail Metal IIRC) and the black cloth Necromancer Cloak (Robe?) then apply a Dark tone wash to the metals and some of the brown cloth, and soft tone to the skin and hair.  Job done.

Not so Solid Crew

So, in rather short order I managed to get 12 Army of the Dead troopers, 3 Black Numenoreans and 2 Spectres painted over the weekend, and so began some grand plans to make this into a Dragon Rampant/SAGA force, seeing as I have a huge Lord of the Rings backlog to draw from.

Almost feels like cheating

 Sure, they won't win any awards, but they definitely look the part for a bunch of mouldering corpses.  I have another 4 Warriors of the Dead, 3 Black Numenoreans, a RedBox Sorcerer, Reaper Viking and Uruk-hai Berserker primed up ready to go, as well as a spare copy of the hooded Witch-king.

I've also based up enough Army of the Dead to be able to field 6pts of Warriors in SAGA, or 4 units for Dragon Rampant.  I might have to see about getting some custom movement trays to be able to use them for War of the Ring too.

I am Batman.

The rummaging through the LotR backlog also turned up enough metal Morgul Knights to build 16, as well as 10 Riders of the Dead, plus a spare King and a Standard Bearer, which I think I'll end up putting on an oversized base.  There is also a load of Trolls, and other random gribblies like Wraiths, Wights and Bat Swarms, so I have plenty to be getting on with.

Well, I'm the Dark Knight.

That's it for the week, just building up more LotR figures and planning a massive army.  Hopefully that's the productivity back on track.  Still haven't been keeping track of #hobbystreak, but I have been doing a little each day.

Until next week,



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