Wednesday, 12 June 2019

#workbenchWednesday 12/06/19

That time again, huh?

So, how's the workbench looking?

Actually let some daylight in.

It's pretty busy, although I've just moved a load of figures off of it, as I've made a start on my Wargames Foundry Vikings for my Jomsvikings for SAGA (and other Dark Age/Fantasy gaming).  It has mostly been a case of touching up the undersides of the primed stuff and getting it all inked.

It was the Dark Ages because everything was brown, right?

As it stands, I have all 6pts of Jomsvikings prepped, other than the shields, as well as most of the models for my Of Gods & Mortals force too, with just a unit of 8 Archers to dig out and get ready.

'Axe' me about the fury of the Northmen.

I've gone for the easiest options for the army, namely 6 units of Hearthguard (4 standard, 2 with Dane Axes/Two Handed Weapons) and figured I'd start with the 2HW guys, as they would be quicker to do as I don't have to faff about with shields.  I've noticed that I've accidentally built 2 of the same model, so I will paint them up differently and switch one out at a later date.  I've had these models for probably more than 20 years now, so it is good to finally get started on them.  For my warlord, I'm using the Odin figure that came free with one of the collections back in the late '90's, which is available in a collectors box these days.

Odin is a big figure, so he is on a 50mm base, rather than a 40mm like my Norman Warlord.  I've assembled another Viking figure to use as a Warlord for playing the Vikings, and there is a unit of Berserkers on the tray to help build up that force.

Finally, after 4 full months of faffing about, the missing boxes from my HATE kickstarter showed up (from the States quicker than the UK, go figure) so I have that to go through and check at some point around getting those first couple of Hearthguard units done.

But first, sleep.




  1. Those Foundry Vikings look really nice but, my goodness, your work bench looks incredible; mind boggling even :D

    1. Cheers, yeah, it is pretty good right? 3rd version of it and counting.