Thursday, 11 July 2019

#workbenchWednesday 10/07/19

Slightly delayed because stuff that ended up with me sleeping like 12hrs straight...  Hey, at least I got a rest.

Workbench is busy.

Obviously moar Vikings on the go, 2 points of Berserkers for Saga Age of Magic, along with a unit of Oathmark Dwarves for my Of Gods & Mortals force.  I've also made a start on a Mantic Troll for that too, but it is such a horrendous sculpt, that I think I'm looking for some alternative models to use.

Just not keen on the ridiculous size of the hands and shoulders compared to the tiny legs.  Plus the mould lines are bad.   Back to the drawing board with them.. If anyone has any ideas about decent Troll figures with a Norse/Dark Age vibe, let me know.  Especially if they will fit on 40mm bases.

Sidelines are still full of Cephalyx, I'll get to them soon, just really want to finish the Berserkers to have 8pts for Age of Magic, and the Grymkin stuff.  Spoken to my boy Devon in the States about getting more pill bottle lids to have more stuff ready to go on the side, which means I can start a new unit whilst the newly finished ones are drying/waiting basing stuff.

Finally, just off the workbench, a unit of 12 Viking Archers, mixed feelings about them.  Paintwise, I like them, I went a little heavier on red and yellow than normal, partly because it helps me get over painting them (it hasn't been too bad) and partly to keep them from blending in too much to my Norman Archers, though the beards definitely help.  The mixed feelings arise from the fact I didn't string the bows, but the test one I did with a spare Frostgrave bow snapped over time, and I figured the metal would just bend.  Plus, a few of the other Archer sculpts are holding the bows at an angle that doesn't lend itself to stringing them.  Finally, painted 12 guys, and only 4 count for my Paint All The Vikings project, as well as my #hobbyresolution2019 project.  Still, 12 models added to the painted tally, so all is not for naught.

Viking Archers (Wargames Foundry)

In other news, finally put some models on the table and rolled dice, blooding my Jomsvikings vs. my Normans, commanded by Sarah.  Played the basic scenario to get back into the swing of things, obviously been a while since either of us played, plus it was our first time running our prospective forces.  We called it partway through the 5th turn after a glorious charge from the Mounted Norman Warlord bounced off my hardy Jomsviking Warlord, and he was swiftly cut down.

The Wrath mechanic is definitely interesting, a bit damned if you do, damned if you don't when it comes to forcing your opponent to choose what they let you do.  I'm interested to do more testing with it, although, I think I need to bulk out my force a bit with some Warriors.

So, plan over the next week is to get the Berserkers and Dwarves finished and ready to play.  I'm going to carry the viking colours over to the Dwarves, as they will fight alongside them, rather than replicate the half and half uniform I started when I painted the metals.  Lazy I know, but should work out better overall, they are a Fantasy Dark Age force after all.

Let's be honest, they are just short Vikings right?  (Northstar Miniatures)

That's it for now then, see you next week.



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