Wednesday, 17 July 2019

#workbenchWednesday 17/07/19

Been another busy week...

Workbench is looking rather full, as, not content with working through 2 units of Berserkers and a unit of Dwarves, I made a start on some Artizan Design's Vikings I picked up just to try my hand at eBay sales.
All of them have had all the basecoats and a wash applied, so it is just a matter of going back over them and doing all the layering and highlights.

I also slapped some paint on the Blood Eagle objective from Footsore because I had it on the (freshly cleaned) pallet, and made a start on that Foundry Dwarf mini I picked up in Dumfries.

Had a nice surprise in the post too yesterday, the Kickstarter Exclusive Dark Watcher mini from Relicblade, so, he'll hopefully get started soon, once I find a snazzy resin (lipped) base for him.  Thanks Leon for adding him into your pledge.

Should fit my painting style.

Also managed my first game of SAGA: Age of Magic, a quick 4pt affair with no magic, just to get a handle on the boards.  Played Horde vs. Otherworld and got my rear end handed to me bouncing off multiple units of creatures...  Oh well, lesson learned - take more bows.

That's about it really, going to keep chipping away at the stuff on my desk, then hopefully get some stuff up on eBay too, as well as finishing off an article I've been battering away at for a week or so.

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