Wednesday, 6 February 2019

#workbenchWednesday 06/02/19

Another week, another update.

Workbench currently has the following on it, which is to say, Sam's Warband for A Song of Blades and Heroes and my Copplestone Picts for Hordes of the Things.  There is also a stand that I painted last year to get some repairs as I'd dropped it getting it out the cabinet for the big end of year photoshoot...

More 15mm!

 I've had a productive week really.  Washed and cleaned up the worms for the Hordes of the Things elements and sanded and textured movement trays for my Dragon Rampant army.  Speaking of which, I started painting that on Friday and finished it up yesterday, clearing off one of my #hobbyresolution2019 projects completely.

Can't see the wood for the trees...

I had a lot of fun doing these guys, super quick paint job and just covering them in loads of effects.  If I was to do more, I'd probably trim down or remove the sculpted foliage in order to stop them getting super bulky.  Figures are all from Ral Partha Europe from the Demonworld line.  The entire force is made up of 1 x (4234) Giant Tree Shepherd , 2 x (4323) Tree Shepherds, and 4 packs of (4607) Shrublings.  All in it was less than £60, and I probably didn't need some of the Shrublings, as I fudged the army list to fit them in.

Army List I'm planning is -

Giant Tree Shepherd - Greater Warbeast/Spore - 8pts
3 Tree Shepherds - Lesser Warbeast/Spore - 6pts
3 Tree Shepherds - Lesser Warbeast/Spore - 6pts
12 Shrublings - Ravening Horde/Venom/Fearful - 2pts
12 Shrublings - Ravening Horde/Venom/Fearful - 2pts

Now, I know that the Shrublings shouldn't have Fearful, but it keeps the points down, and as I'll only really be playing folk from the club, I'm sure nobody is really going to care.  I'll adjust them as necessary after some test games.

So cute.

In other news, went down to Vapnartak in York on Sunday with the club.  Picked up What a Tanker! L'art de la Guerre, and the Rebels & Patriots rulebooks, along with some order dice from Warlord, and some Bones figures and more 15mm Celts/Gauls from Forged in Battle.  Also, my HATE kickstarter arrived, but, upon opening, I realised it wasn't mine, and was actually for someone with a similar name... Hopefully that gets sorted.

Plan for the next few days is get the worms and bases primed, and get through the HotT Elements and Sam's warband.  I also have to get started on my #talesofinstahammer stuff for the month.  Think I'm doing some Black Knights, as I have the models and it saves me buying Dire Wolves.  The secret challenge is to paint up one or more Hero models, but I already did 3 last month...

Rainer made some sweet collages for everyone's entries for the January Secret Challange, which I'll share here too.

That's it for the week then, hopefully I'll have more painted minis to show off next week.



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