Wednesday, 9 January 2019

#workbenchWednesday 09/07/19

Back again with another update.  Been a busy week by all accounts.  Current #hobbystreakday9.

On the workbench, just started another batch of 30 zombies, with another 30, a Necromancer, some Wraiths, more Grave Markers and my Copplestone 15mm Picts off to the side ready to go with bases drybrushed and rims repainted.  It's been a while, years in fact, since I did some real intensive batch painting, so, part of me is considering trying to beat my personal best of about 200 28mm scale minis in a month, especially as I can churn out zombies pretty quickly.  This batch is just started, you can see a few have the skin blocked in as I was using up the last of the paint on the pallet.

I've also put together ANOTHER 40 Zombies using the rising from the ground parts on the sprues, but then I ran out before getting a full 60.   I'm planning on doing a large block of skeletons, but ran out of lipped bases so they are on order.

Moar Zombie, Zombie, Zombie...
So much rimming...
I'm looking forwards to getting to the Picts, despite still not having put last years on the table yet.  Maybe because I know how quickly I'll be able to get through them.  Small victories ya know. 

In other news, a couple of rulebooks turned up today, I picked up the Macedonian and Punic Wars supplement, as I have the base rules already, and I'm toying with the (new project) a multibased 15mm Celt/Gaul army that I could also use for Hail Caesar or whatever, and I figured I'd grab the Legions of Battle one because it probably has a similar basing scheme, so I should be able to run the same force for both.  Here's hoping.  My Northstar order is also out for delivery, so hopefully I'll have the last figures for my OG&M force soon.

On the subject of projects, my first painting one took a hit today, as a surprise Grymkin CID (Community Integrated Development) just landed, adding a few new options to the army, that hopefully should be released this year.

Some light reading.

 And to finish off, here's a quick shot of the minis I've rattled through already.  60 Zombies including a Leader, Musician and Standard Bearer, a Necromancer, and 4 Grave Markers/Objectives.  Hopefully I'll have another full unit of Zombies added soon enough.  Now, you'll have to excuse me whilst I go froth over the Grymkin CID update.



Not bad for a week right?


  1. Cool! For someone who isn't the biggest fan of actually playing games I enjoy reading a rule set. Wrapping my head around how an author translates action and event into a playable format intrigues me. Still looking for the holy grail but I think it involves incorporating a strong narrative into the system and is intuitive rather than mechanical. My copy of Bolt Action just arrived and I'm having a read of that. Like reading; Still don't like buying. That's a mad horde of zombies. The grave markers are a sharp addition.

  2. I have countless rulesets I have never played. Or read... Ultimately I think I'd do my own if I found the time, and just cherrypick all the bits I like from other systems. Then slap d10 on it.

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    1. Cheers Simon. Hoping to add a lot to them before the end of the month.